What Is Everyone Doing with Their Older "Mid-Brand" Bags?

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  1. I have lots of older bags, Dooney primarily, maybe some Coach, from a decade ago. Then, these bags were upscale and the quality, frankly was better. But I haven't carried those bags in forever. They take up closet space. Are people just donating them to Goodwill? I don't see me ever selling on eBay and don't know that anyone would buy Dooney on eBay when there are top designer bags going for lower prices these days. And they don't seem like the kind of bags a consignment shop would want even though they are in great shape because they aren't a top designer. Am I wrong? Am I the only one with a bunch of these type bags still in my closet? Do I save them now and wait for them to be called vintage in another fifty years? I'm just curious :thinking:
  2. Someone's trash is someone else's treasure. I would sell them. :yes:
  3. I go to a consignment shop once in a while and they sell older Coach, D&B, Kate Spade - but they sell them for around 30% of the original price and you get half, so say a $300 Coach is $90 and you get $45 - if it sells in 60 days, otherwise they give it to charity if you don't pick it up. I tried selling a few older bags on eBay and didn't even get any bids.

    So if you really don't want them and you don't need the money, I'd give them to a 'get ready for work' charity that outfits abused/welfare women with decent clothes, shoes and bags to wear on interviews and then to work until they get back on their feet.

    Some of these women would never dream they'd ever have a Coach bag even if it is ten years old and they would be thrilled to have it.

    I agree that the quality used to be better, I wanted a Coach for years and now that I have a few I'm not that happy with them.
  4. Try putting them on Craigslist
  5. I tried at the suggestion of someone here on the forum, to sell my bags on Bonanzle but I had no bites. I then decided to give them all to charity and I feel much better. While $20 - $50 is nice, just the thought of helping someone who couldn't attain having a fine bag, fills me up with warmth! Looking back I gave away a Gucci bag I had bought when I started my very first job before I heard of PF. I probably could have made nice change but again, I recommend donating if you don't need the income.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I could always use the money but the money I think I would get would not be much and that has been the puzzle. You look at the bags and know they are really well made bags, but are of a brand that is no longer that highly valued, even if at the time, it really was. I still have them stuffed and pristine but it's like a tour of a purse museum and it wasn't that long ago! What's funny is, with DB, they kind of wrecked their brand. I hope Chloe or MJ, etc. never does that. DB used to be considered a nice brand, then they went into their goofy teenage era and those equestrian style bags are not remembered. Those earlier era bags are incredibly well made and I love the idea of donating them for women going on interviews. Thank you for that, it's a really great idea.
  7. That is so great that you donated the bags!
  8. The 'ready for work' suggestion is a great one, tiggycat! The bags I have in mind are not very old, but I rarely wear them. I must see if there's a group like that near me in Ireland. I have a good friend who works with abused women. She might know. It's a great feeling to think you are helping somebody and the bags are in superb condition. And with Christmas around the corner....
  9. Thanks and I don't want to appear that I think these bags are "trash". I just have to be honest and say I probably won't carry them when I have saved to buy the newer bags that I like more. I did not grow up with a lot of money and I never want to seem like I think a bag is "less" than I would carry.

    In truth, these bags look more elegant and better made than half the bags you see in any mall today. With the exception of some brands, the quality of most items including bags has changed quite a bit even in the past three to five years. Especially in the last three. If you doubt it, go look at a suit jacket hanging in your closet from five years ago and compare it to what you can buy today. It's surprising. Hang on to your classic clothes. They will be Audrey and Grace-like sooner than you thought.
  10. ^ No, I didn't think that at all. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" is just a saying, an idiomatic expression meaning that what is no longer useful or desirable to one person can be valuable to another.
  11. My sister has more money than I do but she doesn't indulge in as much on clothing and bags. I gave her an old Dooney Alto bag that I'd loved for years and she loved it too. Made me feel better than selling for a few dollars or having it sit in the closet.
  12. I've handed quite a few down to my daughter, she loves it! I've also given a couple to goodwill.

  13. Since you took good care of your bags and you believe that they are of better quality than current ones, then sell them. List them on several sites see if you get any bites. If after a certain time period you can't sell the bags, then donate them or give them to someone you who would appreciate them.
  14. I recommend donating them to Dress for Success. It is a great organization that helps women enter the workforce and I know each bag would be cherished and greatly appreciated. DFS has chapters all over the country and also abroad.
  15. For me, I'd rather give the purse to someone who would love it than sell it for not much money. Several reasons factor into that thought: Don't have to deal with the hassle of selling, and making someone that I care about happy. ;)

    My mom always just carries a plain black purse and it doesn't matter if it is December or June. So, I had a Coach bag that I gave to her and she loved it.