What is everyone doing for Prom Makeup (yourselves or daughters)

  1. ??? Are you guys hiring makeup artists or going to get it done or are you doing the makeup yourselves??

    Just Curious!
  2. I do my daughters' makeup for special occasions, so far.
  3. ughhh... for my prom 2 years ago, I asked this professional makeup artist to do it for me... and it was just a DISASTER. I'm asian, and I guess her being white didn't help. My eyes are naturally pretty big, but i dunno, she made my eyes look like lil beads by rimming the ENTIRE eye with a black pencil, then powdered my natural double eyelid part in WHITE, on top of the double eyelid, she used marroon or some cherry red colour.......... WOW... a disaster.... and she assured me that eyes were her specialty before handing me the mirror to see my "new face".... I went home and did my own eyes after.... *sigh*
  4. I've gotten my make up done for proms/homecomings, and I've done it myself as well. I'm going to be doing it myself this year though, I like it better that way.