What Is Difference Between These Two Bags:

  1. The Dior Soft Leather Tote that is $1,890 and the Dior Cannnage Leather Tote that is $1,750. I can see one has gold & one has silver harsware but other than that, I can't tell the difference online.

  2. Hello,

    I believe the actual sizes and the way the bags are shaped...are the major differences. The Dior Cannage tote is wider at the top point. I have attached pics...are these the two bags you are inquiring about. I just wanted to confirm, because there are quite a few bags that are called "Dior Cannage bags"...I have also listed the actual sizes, of which are different. best wishes!:flowers:

    dior cannage soft tote
    10 2/3" H x 9 1/2" W x 7" D


    dior cannage tote
    13 1/2" W x 15" H x 4" D
  3. and where did you see the one for 1750$?

    unless some of the measurements are inadequate, i think there is a slight difference is in size, 38cmx 40cm x11 cm for the Monica Bellucci tote as per www.dior.com and 35 cmx 38 cmx 10 cm( 13 1/2" W x 15" H x 4" D ) for the cannage tote.

    Probably thats why the difference in price is slight also.

    or maybe the second bag you were talking about is the North South tote?