What is considered unreasonable shipping costs?

  1. I won an MJ bag from ebay about one week ago. I asked the seller to provide shipping costs as it was not listed on the auction. The seller responded by saying that his paypal account was not working and once it was fixed, he would re-list the bag?? :confused1: I told him I would wait and pay when his account was working again. A few days later, I get an invoice for the purse and shipping was an additional $175.00! :hysteric: I was shocked. He was shipping from California to Louisiana. I don't think even with expediated shipping and insurance, it would be that expensive, right???

    Should I report him to ebay? What can I do? Thanks!
  2. OMG!!!!!

    That is utterly ridiculous!!! Grace, going forward, you have to remember to ask about shipping before you bid on the bag to avoid situations like these...

    Sounds like the seller is trying to scam more money out of you...they may not have liked the price that the bag went for.

    I would report them...$175 to ship is insane!!!
  3. Sharbear, I had asked him a number of questions prior to the auction end and he did not get back to me. I should not have bid! I will definitely know better next time. I think you are right, he did not like how much the bag sold for. I really loved that purse too!
  4. That's called "fee avoidance," and it's against eBay's rules. What that means is that someone charges so much for S&H that it totally offsets their eBay and Paypal fees while giving them an even greater profit. Let the nut relist the item and report them to eBay.
  5. It's never a good sign when the seller doesn't get back to you...it's usually a sign of things to come! I agree with Ammietwist - let him relist and report him to eBay.

    You'll find the bag again Grace, don't worry! :yes: And when you do, you won't have to deal with this crazy! :wlae:

    Keep us posted and GOOD LUCK!!!
  6. I report them and refuse to pay. $175 for shipping is nuts. Over charging on shipping is my biggest pet peeve on ebay!!!
  7. Did you confront/ask them why is it so high or if they made a mistake?
  8. In my opinion, reasonable shipping costs are the actual cost of shipping the item.

    I can understand, having been a seller a couple of times, a small charge to cover packaging materials and handling. No more than 3-4 dollars, at most, and that would be in a case where the item required packaging beyond the standard tissue-bubble-wrap and in the box.

    Just because an item has a high price tag does not, in my view, justify charging any more to ship it.

    Understandably, many people on here are buying these expensive things, they want them fast, and getting it fast costs more than getting it slow. :Push:

    And it is understandable that both buyers and sellers of such items will want to take extra care in packing it up, which could justify a SLIGHTLY higher charge for packing and handling.

    However, I do not think that it is reasonable to charge people out the kazoo simply because they are buying an expensive handbag and want expedited shipping. That is going to cost enough extra already.
  9. I didn't bid on a Fendi spy because I thought $40 domestic was unreasonable (yes, for ground service)! Come on $30 is the price of Royal Mail (or whatever the name of that carrier is) from the UK to the US! The seller is being really shady with you.
  10. Yes, it's called Royal Mail,lol!
  11. Does the shipping cost include insurance? The insurance is high when you purchase a $2K bag. For USPS Priority mail, the insurance is about $22! UPS and FedEx are a little better, it is only $$10. Then, you have to consider additional fees such as signature confirmation.
  12. Excessive shipping is a rip-off, plain and simple. It is not hard to approximte or ask how much shipping will be by whatever carrier, plus insurance for x amount. When sellers start changing the rules, they change the auction so it is not the auction you bid on-report these sellers, there will be other bags, once you agree to a rule change that wasn't in the auction you're heading down a slippery slope!
  13. you sure he didn't mean 17.50??? and if he didn't, don't pay that much just for shipping!!!!
  14. I did make sure that he meant $175.00 and he emailed me to confirm it. I contacted ebay and they told me that since I never confirmed the actual cost to ship the item, I could not report him for excessive shipping costs. So, I emailed the seller again and told him I wanted to withdrawl from the transaction. He contacted me and said that HE wishes that the transaction could have worked out??? and that I seemed like a nice person.....

    I guess he'll relist the bag. I hope that he does not try to pull that on anyone else. I will know better next time though!