What is considered the LATEST fashion?

  1. Out of curiosity, what is considered as the absolute latest fashion/trend? Shoes, pants, shirt, hair, bag... all of it. There's always a snippet here or there in magazines and online about what the latest fashion is. Isn't it the skinny jeans and ballet flats, or is that already no longer? Weird question maybe.
    I actually need this information for something particular believe it or not, haha.
  2. id say big wedges at the moment in the shoe department! like 5" wedges with 2" platform! that type of thing... im going for about 4 pairs for my holiday :biggrin:
  3. Anything Metallic!!! Gold's and Silver's are big this season.
  4. Here are The Book's (NM) ten Must-Haves for the season:

    Statement rings
    Somthing silver
    Delicate blouses
    Flat shoes
    Wide Belts
    Above-the-knee hemlines
    Cropped jackets
  5. Clothes:
    Light trench coats (fold the sleeves up)
    Puff sleeved tops
    Fitted shirts
    Waistcoats worn as tops
    One shoulder tops
    Mini dresses
    Pucci-esque printed dresses
    Patent thin belts (2-3 worn on top of each other) below bust
    Large wide leather belt
    Above the knee hemlines
    High waisted jeans/trousers
    Very wide legged jeans/trousers
    Skinny jeans
    Heels Heels Heels Heels Heels
    Pointy toes

    Some looks that I really like are:
    1.Waistcoat worn as top, skinny jeans, heels.
    2.Above-the-knee dress (covered up bust), light trench with sleeves casually rolled up, heels, and a large bag.
    3.Fitted vest, wide leg trousers, heels, bag, sunglasses.
    4.Poplin shirt in white, high waisted puffed skirt (a la prada), 2-3 thin patent belts, wedges.
  6. Whatever I plan to wear tomorrow.
  7. Mini dresses, and lotsa bare leg!
  8. buy Vogue (preferably the british edition) :smile:
    But here's a few of the 'hottest' things
    mini dresses
    man pants
    metallics (white gold)
    patent leather
    bright colours (blue, yellow, red)
    big bags (still going strong)
    platform heels(sadly)
    sporty fashion
  9. if you can find it there is a magazine called Elle collections it is on off spring from Elle magazine it comes out twice a year and focus' on the catwalks it's full of pics and seperates them by trend etc it's a pretty good mag. I think you can only get in the UK but you maybe able to find it online somewhere it costs £5
  10. Metallics, white, fun prints, mini dresses, eyelet, babydoll cut tops, heels, bright colors, trenches, feminine blouses, big fun bags, long shorts, etc.
  11. wayfar rayban sunglasses
  12. Mini dresses! High-waisted jeans can be "in" all they want, but fashion, they're not. *crosses her arms against her chest*

  13. Huh! More like what I wore yesterday.:beach:
  14. Something I loved doing from long time ago... pairing both Gold and Silver together!!! This color combo is coming back big time! Just look at the bags, the shoes and the watches! I do notice a rose gold trend for the watches and jewelry as well.
  15. :roflmfao: Rim Shot! [​IMG]

    I love to do this, but my neurosis is that it must be a planned element of the entire ensemble, even if the
    "ensemble" consists of jeans and a t-shirt. Unless I have specifically "designed" a mixing of metals, if I am wearing gold(tone) bling and change to a bag with silver(tone) hardware, I feel compelled to change the bling. If i don't, I will feel funny, even if I am just going to the supermarket!

    I suspect this has to do with my ancientness, and hope that the coming generations will liberate themselves from this sickness. ;)