What is considered a good deal for Preloved goods?

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  1. Hi TPF'ers,

    Just curious & the title says it all!!!

    I admire preloved reveals and most are in pristine condition; but what is considered a good find for preloveds? What breaks and makes the sell for you?

    I've looked at the pre loved market and it's great to know LV has very little depreciation, but to me 100-200 off just won't make a sell. Am I being to anal?

    Please enlighten me :graucho:

    Thank you
  2. i usually pull the trigger if the goods are 100-200 off
    although they must be in excellent condition with no scratches, tearing, etc :P
  3. I'm usually looking for -30% (with the price increases, the seller still has a fair deal).

    Of course they must be in excellent condition (I must feel that if I was the first owner, there would be the same level of wear and tear)
    For DA, the patina should be even, and the bag shouldn't have color transfer.
    For DE, I look out for the bottom corners, especially for Speedies (sometimes it has rubbed so much you can see the red lining !!).

    So far, with vachetta I always noticed some light scratches, and for every bag in general a slight change of color on the brass parts (especially it has a shoulder or crossbody strap) (gold -> silver color) but from what I read on TPF, this is also normal wear and tear, even if you're extra careful, it happens when you use the bag.
  4. No you are not being anal (Unless you are looking for something that is a HIGHLY COVETED, rare item). But for the most part, in my mind, when buying in the pre-loved market, if its only $100-$200 off then I might as well buy it fresh and new from the store or online.:P I don't care what the price increase is, was, or will be (lol) I determine the price I pay (in my head) based on when the bag was purchased and its condition (For example, if someone was offering me a speedy from 2007 in good condition at $150 off a 2013 price, that would be a "no go" for me).

    Ultimately though, the final price is really whatever the buyer is willingly to pay and seller is willing to take. lol
  5. I am always looking for a good deal. A few months ago I got a speedy 30 de with box and dust bag only a couple months old barely used for 600. Just purchased an Artsy 500 less plus tax from last year MIS that I wanted more than MIF but if it was only 100 not sure I would 25-30 % if the less I would do. Unless also it is retired then I might rethink
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    My preloved expectations depend on if the item is currently available or discontinued LE. For currently available items I only buy like new items with a 30-40% savings. I've bought two leather LV bags at a $1300 savings for each. For LE items, they have to have very light usage, if any, and I'll pay up to the retail price but not too much more. I've been very lucky, but patience is key.
  7. I feel that 30% or more is the selling point for me price wise and you have to take into consideration the savings of not paying tax too., I am extremely picky about smells,rubbed off parts and pen marks. All are deal breakers to me. Also I am not yet confident with ebay although there are some great deals to be had out there. So far I have just stuck to Yoogis. Good Luck!
  8. I need to save 50% in order to buy preloved. Otherwise, I would just buy brand new. I only own two preloved pieces and they are both MC and were both more than 50% off. I love MC, but I'm just not willing to pay the prices for that pattern. Going preloved meant sense to me. I am interested in buying a couple of discontinued LE pieces and for them I would overpay....higher than the original retail....if they were in terrific condition. I haven't found what I'm looking for so I haven't pulled the trigger on those pieces.