What is coming in April 2014 release?

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  1. No :sad:

    It was in the spring look-book though so you might be able to view it next time you stop by LV. I only saw it recently (last Friday) and I am sure it wasn't there before since I've browsed through the spring look-book many times. I'm going back to LV today to place another reserve (a saffron W will be launching in July) so I'll try to get a picture!
  2. That's the Le Bon Marche one that's being re released and the interior is pink. I have been told today that the April launch maybe put back only time will tell. I've had mines on order for a few weeks.

    I almost cancelled the order for an Emp speedy 30 in Amethyste then I was advised I've been confirmed to receive one and is rather have the SC.

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  3. Now that I see the fuchsia edging I am excited to get my capucines! Thank you for the photo!

  4. They will look amazing too. Loving the contrasting 'varnish' as they call it really sets off the pieces.

  5. I might consider the SC too. It will be my first SC (DH doesn't like the look of the speedy so he never approves a speedy buy). How might one get a hold of this? Is there already a wait list/reserve list for this bag?

  6. There is a wait list but not sure how many people have already asked as it's only currently showing on the Europe site but I know it's also going to the US. It's available in the PM and the BB size and a much nicer version of the speedy, my other half loves my multicolour speedy but really loves the SC.

    The codes are M94349 for the PM and M94350 for the BB.

    Give these to you SA or customer services and they should be able to get you on the reservation list.
  7. I guess I should just GIVE UP on another LE canvas speedy coming out anytime soon. :pout:
  8. Thanks for the pic! I am eyeing the espadrilles :P