What is coming in April 2014 release?

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  1. Hi friends,

    Do we have any info and/ or pics of what is planned for next month release? Other than the Favorite in DA I haven't heard any rumours and need to plan my birthday shopping well informed. :smile:
  2. Hmmm... none knows anything or was this question just barried down by all those lovely reveals? :smile:
  3. I think there was a thread about this in the 'reference library', I read that totally DE is coming, and favourite in Azur.. but thats all I can remember.

  4. Thank you! I heard about totally de too. That would be fun too, but more for fall/winter I guess.
  5. I would like to know this too. I wonder what comes in epi :smile:
  6. Epi will be released in pastels, Azur Favorite. I've heard mixed released dates on the DE Totally - some March 28, some August. There is a thread on this in the reference library. It's a pain to sift through the pages, but all info is there.
  7. Will definitely be eyeing a Totally DE...LOVE!

  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394205504.350784.jpg

    I called 1-800 lv last night and they described all of these bags plus a new DA neverful with the removable pouch. I dont know about the clothes or shoes in the pic. He didnt have any dimensions or prices
  9. Very pretty! Thanks for the pics. I am in trouble now.. I am already falling for those lovely pastels. :smile:
  10. Omg! The pastels:heart:
  11. My SA told me that Epi is coming out in Alma MM size.
  12. The Sofia Coppola Le Bon March SC is being launched in April too. That won't be around long....there's already a wait list forming
  13. There is a new capucines out. I was told a cobolt blue with fuchsia edging (yes, edging not interior leather) but I don't know what color the interior will be. I already have one on reserve.
  14. Also, a new purse called "Virginia" might be coming out. It's an open-top Vernis tote with double chain handles. It's kind of cute!
  15. do you have any photos?? sounds cute!