1. As title. Thanks :smile:
  2. Vernis bags seem to pick up the colour from other things such as newspapers, other bags, etc. The colour 'transfers" onto the vernis.
  3. Oh thanks! :smile:
  4. Yup, and it's pretty much permanent. BTW, there are many threads on this you may want to do a search next time for old thread answers ;)
  5. if i use a perle bag w/pomme cles, will the perle get color transfer from pomme?
  6. Oh, this is a good question - can darker vernis color transfer onto lighter vernis?
  7. I'm not sure if it can be transferred between two vernis items, but colour transfer can occur if you're wearing dark denim unwashed jeans (like, new ones still with a lot of dye in them).
  8. I think someone said before this won't happen...dark to light vernis I mean, but other leathers will!