What is "color transfer" when referring to Vernis?

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  1. I do not own any vernis pieces yet...well, I guess I do, I have The Crapaud! But, I need to know what is meant by "color transfer" with the Vernis. Does it mean that printed material or colored fabric transfers to the Vernis pieces? Or does it mean that the Vernis transfers its color to things? If I am not being clear, let me know and I will drone on!
  2. I asked this question a little while ago and was told that it means that the vernis picks up color from other things, such as from blue jeans. :sad: As I understand it, the lighter colors of vernis are more susceptible to this. And blue jeans seem to be the worst culprit! HTH
  3. My SA explained to me that if I set my Vernis on newspaper (which I would never do) it would transfer. Kinda like silly putty in a way!
    She said to be careful with it and that it wasn't a good everyday bag (I bought one in frambroise which of course is lighter).

    I have had my vernis bag for a year and I also have the koala wallet in frambroise as well....used the wallet very hard and have had no issues........
  4. I have vernis in the colors beige, blue, red, old silver, white, bronze and I haven't seen any color transfer. I know that when patent is left in the sun, it will yellow - esp. with the lighter colors because the glaze they use on patent eventually yellows with UV exposure I haven't noticed any color transfer even with my beige houston since 2000. Maybe it's because my blouses always cover the point at where the jeans hit.
  5. Earlier Vernis pieces have a tendency to pick up colour and become discoloured over time as well. I ruinded my Silver Broome when it picked up colour from my Red Broome - you really have to be very careful with them, when using them as well as storing them. Even the darker colours like Bronze will also change a bit over time with sun exposure. They may have improved the newer colours like the Framboise and such ,but I'd still be careful with them since I learnt the hard way how easy it is to ruin Vernis leather.
  6. Thank you everyone. That helps.
  7. LOL yeah Silly Putty!!!

    I'm holding back on Vernis because of the colour transfer! Can't imagine what I'd do if it happened!
  8. If a vernis pices rubs up against a pair of new unwashed jeans. They can bcome stained. ;(
  9. why aren't they friggin coated again this if it is a known problem?!?!?
    betwixt that and the price increase, im not real happy with some of Lv right now.
  10. If you keep light colored vernis such as pink inside the dustbag for sometime it still turns yellow.
  11. This yellowing issue is bugging me too.....I wonder if it'll show up obviously on Pomme items eventually...
  12. I want a vernis wallet so badly but I am scared of color transfer from the inside of my Damier speedy!
  13. my ludow loves in a green bag for most of its life, and the perle color hasnt showed any signs of green...
  14. Interesting thread . . . what if your vernis heart is attached to your denim speedy ???:confused1: