What is City RH (with bonus Planet)??

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  1. What does with bonus planet means?? anyone?
  2. :lol:

    I love the OPs post! I can only imagine how confusing that must sound if you are unfamiliar with a planet. Imagine how confusing it would have been if the listing said "extra boobie"...
  3. I snatched up one of the city bags + planet when they were available. I believe the offer was only available online (bal.com) to promote the website. Anyhoo, I love my bag with the planet, and I get questions from people all the time asking "what the heck is that?!" I have to resist telling them it's my "boobie". :P
  4. You're right it was only balenciaga.com.

    Even better, you could tell them it's your "bonus boobie". :biggrin: