What is Chanel to you?

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  1. #1 May 9, 2016
    Last edited: May 9, 2016
    My family and i wear discussing (rather heatedly) about what chanel (and brands in general) mean to us.
    My mother said she thinks a woman who wears a chanel bag should wear chanel shoes...in other words you have to live a chanel lifestyle to be able to wear chanel and not everyone can pull it off.
    My older brother said when he thinks of chanel he thinks of old rich women with pearls. My boyfriend disagreed and said he thinks chanel is a symbol of a lady and of class.
    Its interesting how different people view the same thing.
    All seemed to agree that chanel should be for an older demographic and isnt age appropriate for people under 30. I disagree.
    So my question is: what does chanel symbolize for you? Should it be exclusive to an older demographic?
  2. To me Chanel symbolizes art. it is beautiful and each piece is unique and artistic in its own way. Art has no age and so I do not associate it with any particular age group.
  3. I started buying Chanel at 19 I'm 30 now I always buy black as it never dates but do regret some of my younger year purchases I had a pink faze but I think no matter what age chanel has an item for you people are draw to what they like from a collection what suits them, there's a classic chanel stereotype I agree but the items are not exclusive to that look at all..
  4. I'm a young adult who loves Chanel and know a bunch of other girls who are the same age as me and in the same age group who do too. I don't think the old lady stereotype is really accurate anymore. I think Chanel is being branded to a younger demographic as well. The Cruise 16/17 line is super youthful and colorful. I can't picture an older woman wearing those t-shirts!
  5. Bwahahahahaha! x)
    Omg, fell out of chair giggling.
    Great stuff.

    I dislike chanel shoes. And am not old.
    So, that's me out already.
    Of the fictional demographic, allowed to wear chanel.

    And yet, I walk into boutique & buy stuff.
    No snotty gameplaying.
    They just enjoy taking money.
    Then putting little white flowers on packages.

    Chanel is a business. Selling things I might or might not like to buy.
    I view all brands this way.
  6. for me Chanel symbolizes quality and history. i don't judge anyone who wears a chanel item because i don't know what their reasons may be for owning one. it's different for all of us and the items, which were once considered old-lady, are certainly not like that anymore. they have introduced colors and styles that will appeal to all ages.
  7. +1 Very well said :smile:
  8. For me Chanel means luxury, quality and class. I have achieved a certain station in life if you will. I also see your Mother's point about the Chanel lifestyle. I don't think it means you have to wear Chanel shoes but I lean towards her line of thought. We are probably of the same generation maybe? I'm early 50's. Having said this - I strongly believe people should buy/wear what they love and forget stereotypes. I dress my for my body type and lifestyle but yet I also love my designer (not Chanel) backpack and seriously, a 51 year old carrying a backpack seems ridiculous yet I do it.
  9. This was my thinking. LOL! I almost choked on my tea. "Chanel lifestyle". "Pull it off". "Old ladies with pearls" Well... lol! With those limited descriptions, who would want to wear Chanel? In my head I see a bunch of dried out spinsters clutching their bags and pearls over lunch as they talk about all the "others" who dare wear Chanel. 😂
    Chanel doesn't "mean" anything to me other than they are a business with pretty bags and the occasional nice piece of clothing. But having to be matchy matchy and wear the ugly Chanel shoes too? Nope. I'm also not wearing the overpriced and gaudy costume jewelry. But hey - everyone has different taste which is a good thing. Clone world would be boring. I like seeing something different.

    Age limits? Just try to take the Chanels from the teens and twenty somethings on this forum and in the ensuing riot, I think we'll see Chanel is not an over 30 brand. LOL! But since we are pondering the idea that only certain people "fit" the brand, is there a weight range? Minimum level of wealth? What about an IQ test? Are we racially profiling? Must I be a kept woman who only lunches or may I work and carry Chanel? Should you have to earn yours or is it ok if you ride on your husband's or ancestor's achievements to afford it? Ok, how about just pretty people? Can an average gal pull off the Chanel lifestyle? No? Snatch the bag and shoes out of her homely little hands! It's only plastic grocery sacks and sneakers for her! I ask these questions facetiously and jokingly because we can see how silly it can get to say you must have this or be that to fit Chanel.

    I don't see someone with Chanel and think anything other than they own something Chanel. They could be a wealthy entrepreneur or a SAHM maxed out on credit cards. They could be generous and caring or stingy and grasping. They could be educated and cultured or crass and ignorant. Good brands project an "image". Chanel's is classic, ladylike, luxury. It's customers, however, are wonderfully random.
  10. Chanel at one time was a label of distinction offering style, class & a level of
    sophistication. Years ago, it was a look. A beautiful boucle jacket or suit, classic
    but always fashionable "pearls" & a beautiful bag in jersey or leather with a
    classic black shoe with a beige cap toe. Not the same for me anymore..

    It's all so different now... it's a business & a successful one at that!!

    Many wear Chanel to show off their wealth.. to each her own..
  11. LOL your response was so witty and charming.
    From your stand point, it may seem silly. Ive loved chanel since i was little and whenever i go into the store, i see people of all ages yet, ironically, i have yet to see the old women with pearls and a small gray afro that my family assosiates with chanel!
    To elaborate, my mom believes a woman should dress and live a luxurious life in order to dress in a brand as high class as Chanel. She says that wearing a chanel bag with jeans and a t-shirt while sitting on the subway is ridiculous. I kinda see her point but i think she was more concerned with priorities than anything else.
    My brother thinks LV is the way to go since its a more "sexy" and practical brand.
    My boyfriend and dad sat quietly, too scared to contribute. If my boyfriend says anything bad about Chanel, he knows ill sink my claws into him.
    Point is, i dont agree with any of their statements. Times are changing and any woman with a love and appreciation for chanel can wear it. I was just curious on your inputs!
  12. My mom is 58 so you are in a similar age group. I bet the backpack looks great on you :smile:
  13. Fortunately, we here at TPF know that plenty of classy, sophisticated and well off people wear jeans and t-shirts and ride the subway. :lol:
  14. Being one of those people, i agree!

  15. +1. Like all brands they sell and sometimes I buy.