what is chanel 2.55?

  1. I saw so many messages about 2.55 or reissue? What are they? How are they different than the classic flap bag that i had 4 years ago?
  2. They are the same bag. You can search the forum for either term and find lots of threads.
  3. YES... What does the Chanel 2.55 MEAN?!?!??! My boss came back from Europe this year and gloated about how he had purchased this purse for his wife. (He ALWAYS brings her back a Chanel.) I was not present to inspect/see the item before he gave it to her and I am STILL curious. Please explain the difference.
  4. 2.55 means the date when the bag has been created: in february 1955 :graucho:
  5. Thank you Angel30. I bet my boss does not even know this.