Tech What is causing my Windows Vista desktop to take a long time to load?

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    For the past 2 days my desktop has been taking a long time to load and I don't know why. I haven't changed anything in the start-up or installed any new. The only thing I did was defragment it a few days ago...

    I's not really a big deal but it does kind of bug me. The "Welcome" screen comes up...takes a few seconds and then a blue screen comes up...takes maybe 2-3 minutes and then my desktop. The hard drive light doesn't blink for a while when the blue screen (NOT the blue screen of's just a light blue) comes up...but after a bit it does..

    Any tips?

    I don't believe it to be spyware or a virus. I have Norton Internet Security running on my laptop.

    PS: This is what MSCONFIG says I have in my start up:

    - Windows Defender
    - HD Audio Control Panel
    - TOSHIBA Power Saver
    - TOSHIBA Button Support
    - SVPWUTIL Application
    - Symantic security technologies
    - Synaptics pointing device driver
    - LiveUpdate Notice
    - CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer
    - Bluetooth stack for windows by TOSHIBA
  2. I had a similar problem on Windows '98 and finally figured out that one of the .dll files that ran on startup was corrupted. Nothing much happens, I guess Vista just tries to execute that file for several minutes, then moves on without it. I can't remember what I did, I probably just installed XP.
  3. I did a HD check (which took FOREVER!!) and also a registrydefragmentation. Since doing these things it's acting normal again :smile: