What is bull calf?

  1. My SA was showing me a bag made from "bull calf". I'm wondering if this is Clemence?

    It seemed smoother than what I thought Clemence would be.
  2. Yes, clemence.
  3. Yes, bull calf is taurillon clemence, translated into English. For some reason, last year they started writing the hangtags in English in the US. This threw me at first, too.
  4. was there a visible grain?
  5. Sometimes, bags are mis-marked. Last year, I saw a bolide for which the tag said "bull calf" - it didnt look like it to me. I didnt buy it, but a couple weeks later my SA told me it was actually something else - everygrain I think.
  6. A little trivia: Did you know the name 'Clemence" in Taurellion Clemence comes from the craftsmans' daughters name, as the day he "disovered" taurellion leather, it was his daughters birthday!
  7. Thanks for clarifying, I meant to say, taurillon means young bull. I didnt know who Clemence was.
  8. Lol^