What is bull calf? is it the same as taurillon clemence or something different?

  1. Sorry to ask what is probably a stupid question, but I just saw a bag in "bull calf" (that is what the tag said) and wondered what it was. The leather looked a little less grainy and more matte than togo.
  2. Not stupid at all. I thought to myself, "taurillon clemence is baby bull calf" but then thought, that sounds kind of redundant. I think the answer is yes. It is a bigger grain, a little flatter, thicker, softer than togo.
  3. Pepper, thank you for your tact - my post was kind of dense - what I meant to say way, inasmuch as taurillon clemence (Fr.) means 'young bull' , when i asked my sales assistant today, she said it was different than clemence. hence my confusion
  4. I just checked an old receipt on an Hermes taurillon clemence bag that was purchased in France, and the English translation says, "bullcalfskin" (one word!)...whatever that means...
  5. Why do the tags not name the leather as we know them and as SA's refer to them? Anyone know? This drives me nuts with SA's that are new and have no clue as to the specifics like Barenia, VL, etc.
  6. Where is HG? :confused1: She will shed light on this subject. She's a wealth of information when it comes to Hermes.:P