What is bizrate? Is it safe?


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Mar 4, 2006
Hi everyone! my mom just ordered from eluxury for me (under my account and email) and ended up filling up this bizrate survey after the order. She doesn't know much about online stuff and thought the survey was required.. anyhow, after the survey, she said she was 'given' a free harper's bazaar magazine subscription. Thing is she also put her details incl. CC number since it was asked for the free magazine subscription. is that safe? i mean, its free so why did they have to ask for that?

hmmm... what is bizrate anyway? anyone with a bad experience? thing is, since she ordered through elux through my account, bizrate.com emailed me a verification email and i dont know if indeed i should verify it so that my mom could get the free mag subscription...:shrugs:
Jun 16, 2006
I've used bizrate before as far as rating companies where I've bought stuff. A lot of times I'll get an e-mail.

However, I've never taken them up on any of their "free" offers because nothing is ever free. If she input her credit card number there is a good chance that the small print included some sort of charge, or charge after a certain number of days.

Although, I have done the "free" magazine subscription thing before and it actually was free for a year and then they started charging the card number that I entered at the time.

So, yes, Bizrate is a legitimate entity but I'd still have your mom check the details and get it cancelled if she doesn't want to be charged.