What is BidPay?

  1. A potential buyer asked if she could use BidPay since she does not use PayPal. I have seen it mentioned here. What do you need to do to use BidPay? Is it safe?
  2. P.S. It is an international buyer with great feedback.
  3. BidPay is kinda like Western Union, eBay won't allow sellers to offer it but if she wants to pay you that way then it's fine. Don't ever put it on a listing that you accept as eBay will pull your auction.

    Bidpay has no protection for the bidder so it always surprises me that anyone wants to use it
  4. Oh and they mail you a check, wait until it's all confirmed through your Bidpay account before sending as I've heard stories of forged Bidpay e-mails
  5. She won't be able to use bidpay unless her bank is in the USA. I have had alot of problems with people from Canada trying to pay me with BidPay. You have to register at their site as a seller before she can pay you with it.

    Good luck. I have had 2 successful transactions (both inside the USA) and 2 that fell through.
  6. At least this is the last info I had.
  7. Not sure how long ago since you used Bidpay, but it is not Western Union. They only accept Visa and Mastercard, not money orders.........Also, Ebay does allow Bidpay and Ebay puts a Bidpay banner on your auction to let buyers know that you accept it. They do not mail checks either....they direct deposit the funds to the sellers bank account. Lastly, Bidpay does offer buyer and seller protection and verifies info from both parties before approving any tansaction.

    I just feel that we should provide accurate info to those that ask!

  8. You can accept it as long as the buyer has a Visa or Mastercard. You would need to go to the Bidpay website and sign up. It works very similar to PP. The buyer would also have to sign up, but probably already is since they asked if you will accept it. Just make sure you ship it with tracking, like USPS GLOBAL EXPRESS. Other than that, I would definitely accept it and have for many international transactions.
  9. Thank you everyone!!
  10. Is it true that the buyer pays the fees with Bidpay? I thought I heard that somewhere awhile ago. I love the idea of an alternative to Paypal but right now as a buyer I won't use anything but Paypal.
  11. Bidpay is free for buyers. The seller pays the fees...just like with Paypal. Anyone anywhere in the world can use bidpay as long as they have a Visa/Mastercard. Its a great way for international buyers to pay when Paypal is not an option. I have used them numerous times.