What is Barney's calling Plomb/Steel?

  1. Are they calling it Plomb, Steel, Dark Grey, the "new" Anthracite, Galette? I'd like to actually get the bag that I think I've ordered. There's nothing more disappointing than opening up a box and seeing the wrong bag. TIA.
  2. my Barneys here calls it dark grey or off black... what did you order? from which one?
  3. I haven't ordered yet. I'm really missing my GH PT. I love how the GH looks on the PT but I wasn't happy with it in the FB (too blingy and bright). So, I'm thinking about getting a Plomb GGH PT. I only want one GH bag, so this will be replacing my other GH........which is a Work. I haven't fully made up my mind yet because I love this other bag and I can't imagine replacing it. So, I want to order the PT and decide which one to keep.
  4. Hi ... I have the PT GSH in Steel or Dark Gray but NM said it was just called Black on their tags...I love it but it is very close to Black...The only way I can tell the difference is when I put it beside my Black PT GSH. I'm really thinking about taking my Black one back because I like the Dark Gray more...:yes: It looks better with the Silver hardware than the Black...Just my 2 cents.:cutesy:
  5. Hey cracker, I know this isn't helping any but I've seen different steel bags in real life and there are several shades (as usual...), some shades were nearly black and some (like mine) were more charcoal/dark silvery. If you order you could say you wanted the one that looked like black or like silvery dark gray...?
  6. Thanks south! Actually, now I'm having a hard time just finding this color with the gold hardware. Do you remember if BalParis did this combo?
  7. I haven't seen it yet in Paris, "my" boutique here in Switzerland doesn't have steel with gold either.
  8. I saw one plomb yesterday and it was like a silvery black - almost metallic even. it was gorgeous and looks fantastic. i hope you find the one you want though.
  9. When I ordered my Steel/Plomb City from Neimans in San Francisco, I described it as a "dark greyish blue almost black but with a light sheen".

    I love this color! and I'm sure you will love it too! Good Luck finding the color and hardware combo you are looking for.