What is Barenia Matte Alligator?

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  1. phph0jXXePM.jpg
  2. I saw this too and wondered if in this context, barenia was referring to the colour of the leather?
  3. I agree "Barenia" is just being used as a color name (incorrectly). Alligator is demarked with a square and is less expensive in general than crocodile which is marked with a "^" or a "..".

    That is an amazing bag!
  4. Hmmm... I think I saw "barenia" in the exotic leather book this weekend at the H boutique.
  5. Since I thought barenia was processed a certain way.... does it make sense that some of the exotic skins might be processed the same way?...
  6. It's a beautiful color/ leather. I wonder how much regular alligator bags go for.
  7. barenia in case of croc /gator refers just to the color as that confused a lot of people H changes the name to fauve. personally i am not a fan of gator do not like the pattern but it is a s robust fragile as all the crocs and yes it will soften a bit over time (less then toile lined bags though)
  8. lilach, Thanks for the info. So "fauve" is just a color name and not a leather name? I recently bought a CDC bracelet and my SA said it was barenia/fauve. I love it but it doesn't seem at all like barenia to me. It perfectly matches my gold Kelly and seems like Chamonix leather. So now I am totally confused about what I have. :confused1:
  9. Some SAs are too familiar with the name of "barenia" in croc/alligator that they have not adopted the new "fauve" name for this tone of brown.

    Alligator skin is commonly found in small leather accessories, like in watch straps, wallets, etc. For H to use a big piece of alligator skin to make into a bag, the scales on the alligator skin must be very pretty, or even enough for them deem suitable for a H bag.

    From my experience, I find alligator skins more supple and malleable than say porosus and niloticus. Alligator scales are flatter and more rectangular in shape.
  10. Love gator! IMHO, that bag is stunning! :love: I love that it's matte...it seems more matte than croc mattes that I've seen (in pix).

    I am also curious about the normal H price too. Sigh...I wish I had a trust fund....:girlsigh:

    Thanks for all the color information...I am constantly learning something new here!