What is at the top of your "want" list?

  1. I so badly want a cherry cerise scarf to tie onto my batignolles vertical. How cute would that be? However I can't justify the $395 BIN price on Ebay.

    What are you looking for?
  2. I want the Petit Noe in monogram canvas.:love: I have imagined myself wearing it. :lol: I love the fact that I never see anyone with one. :biggrin:
  3. chloe paddington bag...
  4. More than anything I want a Botega Venetta black ball bag. Sooooooo expensive. I've never spent more than $1200.00 for a bag so you see my problem.
  5. i have LOTS of wants, but nothing i'm going to be buying anytime in the near future. :\

    at the top of the list right now are a keepall 50 or epi speedy and a coach wallet sometime in the next six months. mabye epi speedy for my birthday in august...too bad manderine will probably be gone by then. red is pretty too though. :smile:
  6. Man, what DON'T I want? I think I'm at my quota for the year already!! Somehow I must wrangle:

    Medium Agenda in Mono
    French Purse in Mono
    Waiting for the Fall/Winter Bags before deciding on anything else!
  7. I love the Illovo MM, but I just spend $200 today so it'll have to wait a little longer.

    I also wouldn't mind getting an Inclusion key holder in Beige, but I really can't justify the expense since I'm already carrying nicer and cheaper keyrings from Hermes and Tiffany, and I even have another Hermes waiting to be used. Love it though.
  8. Saleya PM and a plat or pochette tikal
  9. Speedy 30 mono, speedy MC, Bucket Fringe.

    Sorry, can't pick just one!!!!
  10. Fell in :heart: with the red Epi Jasmin the last time I was at LV....
  11. Gee, do I have to pick only one thing? I would really love a Speedy 30, a Keepall 50, and a pochette cles all in monogram.
  12. Porte-Tresor International wallet -- I ordered it and it'll be here next week:graucho: .
  13. Lol... MONEY
  14. after just visitng the Batignolles thread... I want ONE - have no idea which size but I WANT ONE! hehehe!
    Its going to the top of the list!
  15. He he.:lol: *In no particular order*

    Silver/Gold Spy
    Honey Spy
    Fuchia LV Neo Speedy
    LV Manhatan GM

    then I will quit buying bags for the rest of the year....promise ;)