What is about the same size as the Pop Haut but less structured?

  1. I was looking at the Batignolles but its too huge. Any other suggestions??
  2. I was going to ask( new thread) but since you mention you've looked at the batignolles ( have you seen it in person? ) is it floppy?
    I have the piano its very structured, I like the denim because its floppy but i'm wondering if there is a mono bag that is similar?
  3. I was gonna say the same thing^^. Batignolles.
  4. Bonsoir, the PETIT BUCKET is almost the same size as the Popincourt Haut.
  5. One of my next purchases will be a pop haut, mainly b/c it's so close in size to a petit bucket (which I have, in mono) but it has a zipper!
  6. Coussin GM. Its about the same size and shape (although flatter) and worn on the shoulders with a double strap.
  7. I Love The Coussin...Great Suggestion!
  8. Oh - I just don't know. Now i'm debating about getting the speedy 30 instead. I'm so darn indecisive but I'm really a very casual knock-around kind and the Pop Haut just seems too formal for me?? What to do, what to do....
  9. definitely the coussin GM
    the size & price is the same. it has the red alcantra lining too..mmMmm nice