What is Aaneta?

  1. Anyone have Aaneta Charlotte bag? It's on sale for $300 at label360 but since I don't know anything about it, I don't know if the bag is worth it. It sure looks pretty cute! It's like Kooba Marcelle/Boktier and Celine Boogie combined.
  2. I've heard of Aaneta. I wanted to get the Cleopatra since I really wanted a messenger bag but decided against it b/c of the size. I never this one IRL. But I did hear good things about their bags in general.
  3. I've had two Aaneta bags and have played with a few others and they're great! The leather on mine seemed durable and both of my bags were very functional.
  4. It almost looks like a Balenciaga in a manner of speaking....
  5. I have two aaneta cleopatas and i love both of them...the leather is awesome
  6. You're right Compass Ross, it does look like Balenciaga which I love! Thanks Tutlejt and knics33, I'm glad you two confirmed the leather part =) BabyK, I guess you can get the cleopatas now =)
  7. Just to add some more feedback- I have a green Aaneta Ceres (also called Olga) and it's really soft leather... I'm a big fan :smile:
  8. I don't know.... I have my eye on another messenger bag now!