What is a ykk zipper?

  1. It's just a zipper brand. That brand just has YKK embossed on their zippers.
    My Kate Spade Baby Bag has it.
  2. Where on the zipper? Thanks again!
  3. you'll see it if it's there. It's just right across it, plain as day - on the pull part.
  4. Thanks, Swanky, I see it now. Wonder how many fakes have the ykk? Wow, I have learned so much from tpf! :smile:
  5. Yeah I always wondered why they said YKK on them too. Good to finally know why.
  6. YKK are like the zipper gods...they are pretty much on everything, lol. check your pants, jeans, jackets, etc.
  7. The branding is pretty subtle on coach zippers....its usually engraved into the side of the top part...but its there. Some zippers its really obvious because its down the zipper pull.
  8. You can even buy them at like... craft stores and such. They're everywhere... but who reads zippers, honestly?
  9. Well, a lot of counterfeiters use no-brand zippers, so even though not every fake will cheap out on the zippers, any that do can be easily spotted.
  10. Haha, oh man, my friends and I had a conversation about these zippers back in the day, we had a substitute for math, so we sat there and talked about zippers and we all checked our pants and jackets to see if we all had the same zippers. Yes, we're losers.

    But yea, its a brand of zipper, they're used for everything.
  11. I did a search on YKK and found this thread becasue my sister-in-law just told me that all authentic Coach bags have the YKK zipper. It's a real high-quality zipper. I found this to be true with all my authentic Coach items. I have one fake wristlet (I didn't know it was fake when I purchased it at a purse party) and it doesn't have the YKK zipper. I just though this was interesting and a good way to tell apart the real items from the fakes. She was right.