What is a Wildcard & why the minimum word length?

  1. Because I enjoyed the movie so much, I was trying to search for the Knocked Up in the Television & Cinema subforum...to either start or thread or add to one...and I got the message:

    The search term you specified (up) is under the minimum word length (3) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer. If this term contains a wildcard, please make this term more specific.

    Is there a list of wildcards, so we know which words to avoid?

    And why is a minimum word length in place?

    Thank you!
  2. I've never had that message about wildcards before, but I believe it refers to the *[asterisk], I don't know about this forum but in general use it does. So that searching for fish* also searches for fishes, fishing, fished, etc.
  3. I don't even know about this message. I will make sure Vlad sees this thread, maybe he can help.
  4. The minimum word length is in place in order to avoid searches of really common words like "is" "a" "an" and so forth. Such searches would put tremendous stress on the servers (lots of search results) and hence a min. word length of 3 is in place.
  5. Thank you, Vlad! :welcome:

    So... I should just search using "Knocked" maybe...

    And is Raspberry right about the wildcards?