What is a Wappity?

  1. I see everyone talking about Wappities. Can some one PLEASE explain this bag to me???
  2. Here's my black MC wapity.
  3. Do a board search but spell it "wapity" and you will come up with many posts! It is a great piece!
  4. I know what it looks like, but what is it? A purse? A clutch? A camera bag? What in the world do carry in it?

    Can someone show me a picture of them wearing it?
  5. it's small but with a cuteh handle, so you can bring it in your hand, or put it in your handbag...
  6. i think it can be used for whatever. It doesnt hold much so unless you only use a keycles ( i think they just fit) a cell and keys you're not going to fit much in it.
  7. I can fit a sony digital camera, Motorola V3 RZR phone, keys, cards all at the same time. Or a full load of make up or all my camera stuff. It's a good little bag. Vuitton.com will give you the dimentions.
  8. I think everyone has basically covered everything about the wapity.. I just think of it as the Louis Vuitton take on a wristlet.
  9. its kind of like a wristlet/wallet. At first I actually used it for a makeup case. It did fit alot of makeup. but then It started getting too stuffed because you know how it is...you keep adding more so then I am using it for my cell phone, money, some cards etc. great for running into the mini mart, I love it. I love it so much I had to have all three.
  10. I love it. It can be used when I just need my cards and cash or I use it iin my bigger bags to store my powder and lip gloss.
  11. i have the BK MC wapity~i use it when i go to the supermarket!!
  12. i was wondering what was one too....now i want... i want.... i want.... :love:
  13. lol It took me a little while to figure out the purpose of these things too. I just think of them as multi-purpose cases.

    I was wondering - does the wapity have side pockets in the inside?
  14. 1 side pocket inside...