What is a trunk show?

  1. This may be a silly question, but I am starting a new business and my "business mentor" from the Small Business Administration here in the US has suggested that I offer a service to some local upscale clothing boutiques in the area. My business is designer resale, however, she seems to think I have enough stock in designer bags to offer a boutique the ability to use my bags in a trunk show, as accessories. In exchange they would refer their clients with used designer goods that are interested in consigning to me.
    While, I have heard of a trunk show, I doubt there are actually trunks involved and I have never been to one. My idea of shopping is just walking around Neiman Marcus.
    So for those of you that have been to one, can you tell me is it just a simple party type of scene that involves showing clothing?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The only Trunk Shoes I've been to are at Bridal Boutiques. The designer visits a boutique that carries their line of dresses, and brings with them many more of their styles than the boutique can carry. For example, my Bridal Boutique carried 6 or 7 dresses of Justina McCaffrey's. At the trunk show, Justina and her husband came to the boutique, and brought 20 more of their dresses with them. You get to talk to the designer and try on all of the dresses. It was really neat to talk to Justina and her husband!!!

    My sister bought her dress at an Amsale trunk show, which had an assistant come, I think.

    Sometimes the designer offers a discount if you buy from them at the trunk show (Justina offered 10% off if you ordered a dress and paid with cash then), but sometimes they don't (Amsale did not offer a discount.)

    Hope this helps!