What is a "statement bag"?

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  1. I hear the term a lot but not sure what it means or what one would look like?
  2. It's an eye-catching piece that reflects your personality. I've got a friend who loves her neon orange back-pack/bag, and it's big, loud, and happy, which is exactly who she is.

    Or, if you're made out of money, perhaps it is the special edition (only 15 made worldwide) Bottega Veneta bag they've released for their S/S 16 collection, shown below. That makes TWO statements: You're filthy rich, and you've got good taste. (I think) :biggrin:

  3. Hehehe--guess depends what one is trying to state to onlookers. :biggrin:

    Vibrant colors, certain label, feathers with eyes & rhinestones, absolute minimal & clean, produced with thought/fair ethics.
    Anything can be a statement bag, imo.
    Not all statements need to shout. Some whisper.

    Also, not owning certain brands/styles can be another statement.

    And how one wears the bag states important things, also.

    Just my thoughts. :smile:
  4. Any bag with enough going for it that can speak for itself

  5. Thank you. I so relate to your comments. For me, a statement bag (or jewelry or clothing) is an item I wear or carry to feel good. These are special pieces that I don't wear everyday. I do not carry them or wear them to impress other people with their brand, understated or bold in your face, or the price tag. Many statement pieces are down right affordable. For example, I have some amazing Sobral jewelry that I bought in Paris. They were so inexpensive. The colors and design always put me in a great mood. It's all about the person who wears or carries it.
  6. For me, a statement bag is something that stands out on its own. It may be a vibrant color, a crazy pattern, weird design...
    I used to have this crazy party clutch which had glittery, shiny applique fruit on a white base - it actually drew people to me, started so many conversations, was the punchline for countless jokes and generally just made the rest of my outfit incignificant. I could've worn a potato sack for all it mattered, the bag was such a strong player.
  7. A bag that makes any statement the wearer wants to convey, a conversation starter, catches everyone's eyes.
  8. :smile: ♡
    Understand completely.
  9. Thanks to all who replied!
  10. I'd love to have a rare bag like that!
  11. IMO a statement bag is a bag that fits you like a glove, that people don't even notice your bag because it's a part of you
  12. +1. Terrific response. I have jewelry (a necklace and earrings) made by a local artist that I consider to be signature pieces. They are unusual and eye-catching, but not super expensive. To me, a signature piece is unusual, reflects personal style, and is versatile. You could pair it with jeans one day and a cocktail dress the next, and it would take both ensembles up a notch and make them look distinctive and uniquely you.
  13. Great post! I was reading an article in the telegraph today about the 'One statement piece' to up date your wardrobe. It's become quite a cliché and such an overused word, statement this statement that....:biggrin:
  14. Fashion is too subjective! I think a statement bag can be a bag that brings out your confidence, or be the highlight of your outfit.
  15. Thanks for your comments everyone!