What is a second chance offer?

  1. In the My eBay page, under Items I Didn't Win, there is a listing for "second chance offers". What is a second chance offer? Do all the eBay/PayPal protections cover them just like if you won an auction?
  2. A second chance offer is when you bid on an item and at the end you don't win. The SELLER have the option to send you an offer is the sale with the winning bid didn't go thru or if he/she have more than one available. If you ever receive an offer like this you have to go to your eBay and make sure the offer is in there also (not just your email) If the transaction is completed inside Ebay you will still be protected as well. Again the only valid second offers will always be sent thru Ebay on the Seller's behalf.
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  4. Is it only when the winner changes her mind? or doesnt pay? or can the seller at any time offer the item at a higher price to the second bidder?

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  5. No - it can only be offered at the price you bid up to on the original auction