What is a runway bag?

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  1. I have seen this term used a few times and was hoping someone might expand on this.

  2. Those that you see on the runway? Like the Dentelle Kirsten, Dentelle Fersen.... Miroir Speedy, Alma (I think).... anymore, ladies? need help here.

    By the way, I like you wishlist/shopping list.
  3. these are the bags that appear on LV fashion shows. these are mostly designed in conjunction with the ready-to-wear pieces and is limited to just that particular season.

    Mono Dentelle Kirsten - runway bag, it appeared on the Spring-Summer 2007 show; very limited, only one "go" or batch.
    Mono Dentelle Speedy - seasonal collection; not as limited as a runway piece, but production is limited within the one season.
    Monogram Speedy 30 - permanent collection.
  4. thanks- i wondered this, too!
  5. Thanks for the info ;) it really helps :yes:
  6. I adore the runway bags usually
  7. Oh..right!
  8. Usually the runaway bag which are limited are hard to get.
  9. Sometimes I find the runway bags odd.
  10. me too. but i still love them! :graucho: :graucho:
  11. some runway bags are never produced. many people use the term "runway bag" for a bag that is shown on the runway only for enhancement of the show, but in reality the bag will not be introduced into the public.
    like the little inventeurs plate pochette, and the tote.
  12. so was the 2005 men's tanger tote a runway bag or just a limited edition piece? hmmm.

  13. Ohhh - I get it