What is a reissue?

  1. I've been out of the Chanel loop for awhile and was wondering if someone could explain to me exactly what a reissue is? What is the difference between the sizes (2.5, 2.7, etc). and how are the reissues different from the Jumbo classics?

    I've been seeing some gorgeous pics of the larger chanels, usually labeled as either reissue or large/jumbo, but am unsure which is which. I particularly love the dark grey one that Courtney Cox has and the metallic bronze one on Jessica Alba (both have the newer chain), but when I called chanel asking about them, they said they are already sold out because they are from the last season. Please enlighten me! :confused1:
  2. The reissue is basically the newer version of the 255 (also known as the classic flap). It came out in 2005, to celebrate the classics 50 year anniversary. The reissue comes in different sizes, for example, some size include 225/medium, 226/large, 277/extra large, etc... I also think there is a smaller sizes.

    If you do a search on reissues, there is alot of really good information. I think you may find pictures comparing the jumbo to the larger size reissue.
  3. Thanks so much for the info Michele! That really clears up the sizing equation for me. I like the size of the jumbo, which from what you're telling me is the equivalent of the 227.

    Would it be correct to say that the reissue is better, or more "unique" than the classic flap?
  4. To say that the "reissue is better or more unique than the classic flap" is probably more of an opinion than a fact. Many Pfers may agree, but others will still disagree.

    I personally like both, but lately i've been favoring the reissue a little more.
  5. the jumbo is the 228 :smile:
  6. Are there any pics of the 227 compared to the 228? Just want to see the difference in size!