What is a reasonable second hand price for a Roxy and an Emmy?

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  1. Hello to all you lovely ladies and Mulberry experts- I am a complete novice- this is my first post and I would welcome your advice on what I should pay for a second hand bag- I am looking for an Emmy and a Roxanne.

    I have just bought two A4 totes in the on line sale (oak and choc) as well as a Mabel in choc and a small mabel in black so am trying to economise now- but cant seem to stop wanting more bags!!!
  2. Welcome to the mulberry forum and be prepared to be constantly teased by all of the mulberry girl's gorgeous bag.

    I'm not sure about the Emmy but i've also been looking into a preowned roxy and have found that I would have to pay between £250 and £450 depending on the condition and the source.

    There are a few authentic ebay sellers known to the forum girls who sell gorgeous preowned mulberries. You would expect to pay a bit more for their bags but are guaranteed the real McCoy.

    The website lovehandbags.co.uk also sells good preowned mulberries.

    Hope this helps
  3. Thanks Tireebabe- I have never used ebay and I am a bit worried about venturing down that route to be honest. Though as I am new to Mulberry and have just had a look at some of the old style bags on another thread which arent in the shops anymore I may have to -I just love the classic styles-in the classic colours-oak, choc and black - Im afraid the colours are too much for me at my grand old age- and being a boring chartered accountant!! Everyone on here is just so knowledgeable- its amazing!! Ive just seen a picture of a Rosemary and and Effie and they look gorgeous so Im off to explore Lovehandbags to see which older styles they have got. Other than that is ebay my only hope?
  4. Unfortunately we are not allowed to buy and sell on the forum or even advertise our sales.

    There may be other consignment stores on the web but i've never dealt with them.
  5. Hello elvisfan and welcome! Sounds like you've got yourself a really lovely instant collection there already what with your gorgeous sale purchases, I succumbed to the A4 tote in black natural leather myself in the sale and I adore her, she may be my favourite Mulberry (if not bag full stop!) to date.
    Like you I prefer the 'classic' styles and colours which are no longer in production but also like you I'm wary of ebay as both buyer and seller. There are some fab reputable sellers on there mind you - the ladies here can vouch for that - it's just me being paranoid! Silly really as the ladies here are also brilliant with authenticating prospective purchases. I guess in an ideal world I'd just prefer to buy new and make a bag 'my own'.
    Gosh that so wasn't helpful was it! Good luck with your quest and be warned - this forum's wonderful and the ladies are so warm and friendly, but your bank balance will not thank you for joining up! :biggrin:
  6. Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately for the bank balance Mulberry bags seem to be addictive and this forum is a dangerous place to be!!!! Fun though!!!
    I also prefer the older classic styles in the classic colours.
  7. Hi Trashedbride (great name) and flyvetgo- Im glad you like the same colours- one day I may get brave and opt for a colour but not for a while until I get the courage!!

    I love the A4 tote- bought it as a workbag in choc but loved it so much I bought the oak because I love the colour- havent used it yet as Im scared to spray it in case I ruin it!! Guess I should go read the threads on this to work out what Im meant to be doing first.

    Im checking out all the bag types on old threads and falling in love with so many styles- phoebe, elgin wow!!! How do you guys know when an ebay listing is a trusted forum member then?
  8. There is a thread about them but offhand there is mulberrymad, 2go2, ole ole.

    As you become familiar with the forum you'll start to recognise the girls one here and match them with their ebay username. Always have a bag authenticated on the authenticate thread just to be sure.
  9. Naughtypidgin, Lovehandbags are two more sellers.

    Welcome here by the way too! You'll become as obsessed as the rest of us :nuts:
  10. I've just done mine and I was a bit scared too but it's really easy honest!

    Welcome to the forum.
  11. Hi elvisfan4life, welcome to forum :flowers: - (I'm an accountant too BTW!)
    All the good advices have already been given above, so Good Luck!

    Looking forward to see the pics! :smile:
  12. Oops that's the one I couldn't think of sorry S xx
  13. well ome to the forum we are all mad here for mulberry and cats.

    roxy any thing from £300 to £450 maybe a bit more depending on whats its made from. Emmy anything from £250 - £350.
  14. Hi, and welcome to the forum! You have got yourself a very nice collection already, I am sure there are more bags to come :nuts: If you consider buying off ebay, please post in the "authenticate this"-thread to avoid the many fakes.
  15. If you're worried about spraying your bags there's a brilliant sticky thread all about the wonders of Collonil - along with some seriously mad (and reassuring!) photos! It answered a lot of my questions when I first popped along here. It's really nerve wracking isn't it, spraying them for the first time then getting caught in your first shower of rain with them - seems a few of us here stash a carrier in our bags to put them in should the heavens open! But I've learned it's just best to spray and enjoy, that thread'll put your mind at rest!