What is a reasonable price range...

  1. For a 32cm, Rouge H retourne clemence Kelly, stamped for the year 2000? In good condition?

    Just curious :whistle: This might be totally subjective, but I thought I'd ask :shame:
  2. It really depends on alot C.

    From a reseller? consignment? Independent?

    Does anything need to be tweeked/fixed on it? Every part still with the bag? Anything missing?
  3. The seller says it's from her personal collection.

    From the looks of it, it seems to have been very well taken care of. No major flaws on the bag, I don't see anything very noticeable on it, only scratches on the hardware from normal use, is what it looks like.

    The original box, strap, clochette, lock, keys, dustbag and the rain kit are also included w/ it.

    Does that help? :shame:

  4. I would love to know the current retail on the same bag, if anyone knows that.
  5. Looking at LZ etc, I am going to estimate at around $4500. Pete?
  6. Cristina, if it's the bag I think it is ( it may not be, of course )....I've been drooling over it too......NOT to purchase, but just for the pure pleasure of the soft clemence.

    It's lovely....and wish you much success in acquiring it:tup:

    I just posted in the Thalassa question thread, I have a 32 Kelly in clemence and love it, just so much.
  7. I paid around 4 for an '05 chevre kelly....so I would vote for less than 4....
  8. Hmm, veeerrry interesting :graucho: Thanks for the responses, everyone.

    Susi - It probably is the bag you're thinking of, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I saw it :push: