What is a reasonable price for a used 07 city?

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  1. Hi ladies! I need your help again.:yes:

    I am currently on the quest in searching for my very first balenciaga city.

    I am just wondering..how much would you pay for a very slightly used, near mint 07 marron city or a 07 cafe city?

    What would be a reasonable price for it??

    is 1300 too much? and what is the retail price for the 07 city collection? any ideas?

    many many thanks :love:
  2. Retail price on City is $1195.
  3. I would think a bit below retail, because they are all still available new?

    Unless you are talking about the Giant Hardware bags, which retail for more - in that case $1300 sounds reasonable if you'd rather save a little than buy new at full retail price.
  4. well, I think $1300 is too much since they are available new for $1195 -
    Bal NY is Free Ship and no tax outside of NY and NJ - might only be USA tho
  5. $1300 way too much, you can buy NEW for less ...
  6. thanks!! good thing I didn't bid on it then..it was like 1300..excluding shipping !!:shocked:

    does anyone know whether holt renfrew carries any in the vancouver area? if so..what colours?
    I havent been able to visit holt for a long while now :push:
  7. I would say 1100-1150, since those colors are still available.
  8. Check the last page or two of the "Stores now carrying..." sticky thread... there are a few posts about Canadian stock. Even if no one posted about Vancouver, someone might know. (Sorry, I don't!)
  9. yup, $1300 would definitely be too much IMO...I'd say anywhere from 1000-1050 would be a reasonable deal.. :yes: But I'd say if you are willing to spend 90% of the cost of brand new bag, stretch a bit more and spring for a new baby...there's nothing like picking it out yourself!!! :upsidedown:
  10. I got my brand new with tag 2007 cafe city bag for $1025 including shipping!!
    So, I guess you know what my answer is for used bag $1300
  11. hi andy_sach! may I ask where you order it from? :biggrin: as I am searching for one right now :biggrin::love: