what is a realistic price to sell a 1998 GAO for?

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  1. please can one of you lovely people advise what is a realistic price to sell my 1998 GAO for?? it is in Sable Clemence and has minimal wear and a couple of small spot marks. i have seen some on eBay but they seem overpriced and if i sell i want it to sell quickly? thanks..
    ALSO i may have missed it but i thought it would be a good idea if somewhere on the forum we post prices of second-hand bags, so that it helps buyers and sellers aloke determine what real bags actually go for???
  2. 12 dollars. to me.
  3. LMAO, hlfinn!

    Pradameinhofgang, I don't have an answer for you, as I don't see ANY of them in completed items, but it sure is a pretty bag!
  4. Can't help with your question, but just wanted to say that your bag is so pretty!
  5. I've only seen one or two on eBay-one not too long ago-If I remember correctly, it was in the neightborhood of 1k, but I think $12.00 is reasonable to HlFinn.
  6. in all seriousness one sold one eBay about a month or two ago for somewhere in the 600 dollar range.
  7. sorry. i just saw your addition. i was just kidding around before.
  8. no probs, i'll have a think about a reserve of $600. thanks all....
    also, anyone any ideas on reserve for 1998 rouge clemence 40cm kelly gold HW(with shoulder strap)?? i am trying to scale down my bag collection a bit.

  9. Nice Kelly! In my opinion, a no reserve auction tends to be more successful, by the way. Every seller has a different take on this, but I personally prefer to start things at the lowest price I will accept, and then add a BIN for a bit over what I actually expect the bag to sell for.
    So, with the Gao, I might start it at $599 or $625 or whatever, and then set a BIN somewhere in the neighborhood of $850. Remember, if you get a regular bid, the BIN opportunity goes away and it might end up selling for more.

    On the Kelly, I personally would think it will sell quickly and reliably in the $5K range, and possibly quite a lot more. If it wasn't too big for me, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  10. now would be a great time to list - one just showed up on ebay for something like 1350, so yours will look like a bargain with a BIN of 850. :yes:

    i've been thinking we need a pricing thread too -- shall we ask the mods for a stickey for questions like this?
  11. The Gao is a stunning bag, I would sell it for 800 dollars.
  12. thanks all for the great advice, it is much appreciated. i'll try a reserve of $799 on the GAO and a BIN of $850...as foir the 40cm Kelly, Cynthia NYC thanks for your kind comments on the bag, i'll try a reserve of $4999 and see what happens.. i'll probably list Sunay evening. as yes i've been thinkig about the pricing thread for a while so what do the mods think??? )obviously we could anonymise it as to who bought what so our DH's are none the wiser!!!!
  13. LOL!

    Good luck with your auctions, they are really lovely bags :smile:
  14. I feel I need to close this thread. It borders on the fine line of selling and that is not allowed on the forum. Thank you for understanding!
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