What is a realistic price to pay for these?

  1. I forgot what Macy's had it on sale for but the White and Silver Scribble Tote...I need it.. ummmmm :graucho: yea

    I am not sure who is authentic on ebay except for yestore..

    (still learning the ropes thats why I purchase all at the department stores lol)

    Also this is FOREVER AGO but... Coach Hamptons Pink Suede purse....not sure how old it is but how much do you think I could get it for now? (if i could find authentic on ebay)

    PS if you have it and selling let me peak ;)
  2. Not sure about scribble. I did see some dusty pink suede at the outlets going for between $100-$200 plus 20% off depending on the size. They have duffles, hobos and pocket satchels.
  3. Yea I just searched ebay and the one that caught my eye last summer I do not even see, I think it was a hobo but not any of the ones currently on auction or store listings. I might hit up the Macy's tomorrow along with the Dillards at the same mall they really love to compete :smile:
  4. Depends on the large or the small size. Hmm, $90-$100 would be good lol.
  5. I wanted the white and silver scribble but all my totes are the large size and there's only a few that pop up on eBay for those that are authentic.

    I've seen the dusty rose flap bags and hobos in the outlets lately. Can't remember the price though.
  6. i have the large scribble tote

    i got it for 125 at Dillards =]
  7. A friend purchased the small one for 113. at Lord and Taylor in Jersey.
  8. I want to hit up Dillards I think it was less than $160 I never wrote the prices just took pics on the camera phone