What is a "polish change" at nail salons?

  1. This is kind of a silly question, but how is a polish change different than a "manicure" at nail salons?? TIA
  2. A polish change is simply nail color change. They do not trim cuticles or shape your nails.
  3. All they do is change the polish color you are currently wearing with another color or repaint your nails.
  4. ohh darn! I would really like them to just shape and paint. I hate all the other stuff like the cuticle cutting and the bad massages!
  5. You could just request that then, hah. I'm sure they'll charge you appropriately just for that.

    My mom's salon has had tons of customers who choose to get simply foot massages. They're charged appropriately for that.
  6. simply a polish change
  7. I hate that stuff also, I would just ask them to do what you want.
  8. ^I also dislike pushing back the cuticle part! I know it's part of the manicure package and it makes your nails look cleaner, but it doesn't look much better to me. Maybe I'm just squeamish!
  9. Me too. That is why I have never gotten a manicure before, I hate sharp objects near my cuticles.
  10. You can pretty much just ask them to do whatever you feel comfortable with or want. They'll charge accordingly. There's been times when I come in and just ask them to shape my nails and give me a quick painting.
  11. You can have them customize your manicure/pedicure to your liking. :yes: