What is a pochette extender

  1. I've seen several people mention buying one of the cute pastilles key chain / bracelets to use as a pochette extender. Does that just mean the key chain would be used to make the strap longer? Thanks!
  2. Yes, You can use the key ring extender to lenghten the strap. Now the pastilles just added a little more bling to the key ring extender.
  3. Does it make it long enough to be a shoulder bag, or is it mainly for looks? (The pastilles totally do add bling either way!!!)
  4. [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Yip extender will make pochette strap a little longer
  6. yes.
  7. I'd like to see the pastilles used as a pochette extender...
  8. ^^ me too! I would never have thought of that!! sounds gorgeous!!
  9. Esp in winter when you need to slip the pochette over thick winter coats.
  10. any pics of pastilles as a pochette extender???
  11. Yes, I would like to see pics, too! Does anyone have pics of the pastilles as pochette extender? It sounds so cute!
  12. i too would like to see the pastilles used as an extender!!
  13. Here is a pic of MC pastilles keychain used as purse extender from a Japanese Mag:p . After seeing that pic I know I must have a MC pastilles keychain and now I'm waiting for it:yahoo:

  14. Does anyone know how much this costs?
  15. around $110-120?