What is a normal Bluefly processing time?

  1. I ordered my carmino Montaigne on Thursday, November 22 from Bluefly - I know that was the US Thanksgiving so I didn't expect that it would be shipped out basically the next business day (which I thought was the normal Bluefly thing from reading other posts here on tPF). I did get a confirmation email from Bluefly that same day, so i thought it was about right when I then received two emails on Monday, November 26 from Bluefly which (I thought) said my item had been shipped on that Monday and it would be 3-5 business days delivery time with DHL.

    I expected some delay going through Canadian customs so I wasn't too tied to the 3-5 business day estimate - or worried that my Montaigne hadn't appeared yet - but then this morning I got ANOTHER email from Bluefly saying that my order had been shipped and giving me a DHL tracking number and a 3-5 business day delivery timetable AGAIN. So I went back to my earlier emails and saw that the first one on November 22 just said they had "received" my order, the first one on November 26 said they were "processing" my order, the second one on November 26 said my order had been "sent to the warehouse" - and only today did they actually tell me they had "shipped" my order.

    Is this normal? Particulary that it takes a week and a half between when the order was "sent to the warehouse" and "shipped"? Maybe it takes that much longer because they have to ship to Canada? It just all seems strange to me and besides meaning that I have to wait even longer to get my Montaigne, it makes me worry that there might have been some problem with the bag that resulted in the delay...
  2. I have not bought from Bluefly (and am interested to see how your experience plays out) but I have bought several times from Overstock and yes, initially it took a few days for the item to go from the warehouse to wherever it needs to be for processing/shipping. So I don't think the time lag is that unusual. Does the tracking information give you an estimated time of arrival (how was the bag shipped - USPS, UPS or another courier service)?
  3. I have ordered from Bluefly several times and they used to ship very fast in 1-2 days. However most recently they've been quite slow in shipping. The last order, they took about 2-3 weeks after I ordered to ship the order but only after I called to inquire about the shipping status did they actually ship and send me shipping confirmation. Their response was that they were overwhelmed by orders from the sales. I imagine that this must have been the case for you. Congrats on your gorgeous bag and do post pics when you receive it. :love:
  4. Thanks mistikat and mystilleto - that makes me feel much better! I did read things in other tPF messages a while back about almost instantaneous shipping, so I was worried but it sounds like the instantaneous shipping is now a thing of the past.

    The messages say they are shipping DHL and estimated delivery time is 3-5 Business Days (although I don't think that factors in customs delays for coming into Canada).
  5. It's here! It arrived this morning and DH has peeked into the package and says it looks beautiful... but is leaving it for me to really open when I get home!

    We got quite dinged for customs/taxes/processing fees, however - over $300 - but that still makes it less than buying full price in the US and WAAAAYYY less than buying full price here in Canada (assuming I could even get a carmino Montaigne here - the only BVs I've ever seen here IRL are the blacks/browns).

    I can't wait to get home to see it - unfortunately I'm having a bad day at work but it is nice to have something pleasant waiting for me at the end of it! Pictures to follow, I'm sure (I still haven't had a chance to post pictures of my bianco Montaigne that arrived last week, either).
  6. Congrats! Can't wait to see your new addition to the montaigne family. :love:
  7. Congrats, bookermoose - that IS something nice to come home to. The duty is a bit of an ouch but you're right - it was way less than it would have been even on sale here. Can't wait to see picx!
  8. My carmino Montaigne is here - and I LOVE it! :yahoo: It arrived safe and sound and, unlike some other Bluefly experiences I've read about here, with a dustbag (although the dustbag is HUGE) and the mirror. There is no security tag, though - I thought Bluefly put security tags on their bags so people wouldn't switch them and return fakes... Oh well, I'm not going to return it so no worries there!!!

    And the carmino really is a wonderful red... even better than I had imagined it. The lining is also a lovely pinky colour instead of the usual beige colour - very nice!

    One particularly neat thing is that there was a card in the inside pocket which must be from the boutique that Bluefly got it from - a place called Silvia Bini in Viareggio, Italy... I even went to the website (www.binisilvia.it) and now I feel like I know my bag's original home. Maybe Bluefly is sort of like an animal rescue group - it finds good homes for bags that were not wanted in their original ones!
  9. Congratulations on receiving your lovely carmino montaigne at last! Isn't it scrumptious?? That is so interesting about the original boutique card since we're always wondering where BF gets their stock from. BV rescue ~ I love it! Glad you had a happy ending. Now PICS! PICS!
  10. Congrats, BookerMoose! Glad the bag arrived safe and sound and that you are delighted with it! Of course, I did see some other Montaignes on the Bluefly site in colours I don't think you have yet ....
  11. Ah, you mean the camel and noce Montaignes that showed up on Bluefly today?!? Yes, I saw them - luckily I already have a noce one, and the camel is so close to noce I can't see the need to have both! But I am thinking about the nero zip-around wallet there - hmmmm.

    And pictures are almost ready.
  12. bookermoose, can't wait to see the pics! Does anyone know if this bag will be done in different colours for SS08?....
  13. BookerMoose, congrats! A gorgeous new addition to your ever growing Montaigne collection! (Ever considered changing your user name into "TheMontaigneLady"? ;))
  14. Pictures up in the BV Collections thread! And part of me wants to know the answer to your question about different colours, and the other part of me is scared to know that answer!
  15. Yeah!!!! It's here! Going to the collections thread to take a look...