What is a MONK BAG?

  1. Thanks to all of the brilliance on this board, I am learning SO MUCH about Bbags -- their leather, their styles, their colors. But, now I come across something I don't know anything about, the Monk Bag. :confused1: Can someone please explain? TIA!
  2. It kind of looks like the whistle bag but has a big name plate on the front lower part of the bag. Its very nice. I'd like to get one soon.

    I'll try to find a pic.
  3. [​IMG]
    Heres a picture of one from eBay.
  4. Ooooo....I love this style!! The leather looks so soft! :drool: Does anyone know the measurements by any chance?
  5. You should look at the auction here, it's really descriptive and has many excellent pictures. The seller for this bag says it's approx. 8"H x 13"L x 8"W.

    I've also heard only praise for the quality of leather on the monk bags. I think the colors they come in differ a bit from the regular moto as well... but don't quote me on that.
  6. I did...thanks! Does it come in larger sizes as well? I found this photo on tPF and it does seem larger than 13 X 8....beautiful color. Wonder how hard it would be to keep clean. :confused1:
  7. I heard the leather is absolutely scrumptious - but also kinda porous (sp?). Which means it would be prone to stains. Its definitely not as easy to keep clean as the arena leather. You have to be extra careful with these bags.
  8. Good to know!! This bag is beautiful though. I keep looking at it, but i can't get it right now.
  9. Yep, good to know. I'd definitely need a darker shade. Love the style though! :love:
  10. Can I just make a teeny correction? The bag shown above is actually a Linea Metallica bag - the leather on the bag is called Monk. There are several styles of B-bags that have Monk leather, which is absolutely to die for (although the subtle colors in Monk tend to be a bit unstable). And yes, there is a larger size of that style - one that's like 15" long, and I think an even larger tote bag as well.
  11. Are you kidding? Correct away! :yes: I appreciate any info you have. This is great to know....thank you!
  12. the leather is totally scrumpdillycious!
  13. Hi Everyone: I just bought one from Erica at hgbags. It is mocha color and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I loved the two outside pockets and she said the handles were long enough to go over the shoulder. I am very excited to receive it and will post more info when it arrives!!:yahoo: :smile: :smile:
  14. i have that exact bag pictured above and i absolutely love it...
    the straps fit on the shoulder, which is cool...
    lindsay lohan has the larger size, which is more of like the weekender...

    it came in camel/light beige (like above), pink, chocolate and a light blue...
  15. I havw the Linea Metallica bag in Monk leather- the carryall version in beige. Its exactly the one shown in the pic above but waaayyy larger.

    Pic here: http://forum.purseblog.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=32532&d=1150824570

    It has yummy yummy leather! A bit like the older leather but a little thicker (and it feels more durable). Im after the same but smaller day version in Grey. I saw a really nice one in HN's it may be mine soon! I am waiting to go to the Paris Balenciaga boutique to see what they have left there but they have stopped making the line so there may not be many options.