What is a MJ girl like? "This is Me!"

  1. i stole this from the chanel forum (thanks!! :tup:) it seemed like a cute way to get to know everyone!

    name:jessica lynn
    gender: female
    resides: brooklyn, new york
    occupation:artwork archivist, curator
    favorite brand:ughh- marc
    hobbies: photography, friends, the park, museums, shopping
    favorite drink: iced water... boring i know
    favorite food: pasta
    favorite tv show: prisonbreak, what not to wear
    odd things about me: my mother says those things make me special:roflmfao:
    things that scares me:the ocean. driving cars
    current obsessions:finding a pair of nude classic chanel ballet flats
  3. name: Rene Tan
    age: 30
    gender: female
    resides: Singapore/Malaysia
    occupation:Auditor / "bag collector"
    favorite brand:MJ, LV, Chanel and Zac Posen
    hobbies: watching movies, taking photos of my dolls' collection
    favorite drink: coke and ice milk tea
    favorite food: ramen, sushi, fried rice
    favorite tv show:Prison Break, CSI-Las Vegas, Cold Case
    odd things about me: hmm... not sure...
    things that scares me:big and fierce looking dog
    current obsessions: too many stuffs to begin with!
  4. name:jeannine
    age: 41
    gender: female
    resides: Santa Clarita, CA (near Los Angeles)b with husband, three teenage daughters and three Rat Terriers
    occupation: Judicial Assistant - Clerk Superior Court
    favorite brand:MARC JACOBS
    hobbies: Soccer Mom, Knitting, Foreign Films, Decorating, Exploring new neighborhoods, new cities
    favorite drink: Coke Zero and Grey Goose Greyhounds
    favorite food: Thai
    favorite tv show: Entourage, The Tudors, Sex and
    the City, The Colbert Report
    odd things about me: What's odd? Well, I wear Old Navy T-Shirts with my MJ bags. I don't like spending obscene amounts on clothes, but bags...that's another story.
    things that scares me: alligators and crocodiles, heights
    current obsessions: Stella bags, knitting
  5. name: Grace
    age: 30
    gender: female
    resides: New Orleans, LA
    occupation: bank underwriter
    favorite brand: MJ, Chanel, LV
    hobbies: running, shopping, happy hours with friends, reading
    favorite drink: evian and champagne
    favorite food: anything Italian
    favorite tv show: Grey's Anatomy
    things that scares me: roaches in particular but insects in general
    current obsessions:Getting a LV Onatah GM
  6. age:25
    gender: Female
    resides: Texas
    occupation: Modern dancer, teacher
    favorite brand: Marc Jacobs (right now)
    hobbies: writing, dancing, remodeling our house
    favorite drink: a good beer (Tecate or Blue Moon)
    favorite food: chips and salsa
    favorite tv show: I don't really watch too much tv.
    odd things about me: I am a huge Rocky fan.
    things that scares me: Being unsuccessful, unhappy, and alone and the dark
    current obsessions: MJ zip clutches and new Fall bags
  7. age:37
    gender: Female
    resides: "Race City, USA" (Mooresville, NC)
    Occupation: CPA for a large company
    favorite brand: Marc Jacobs!
    hobbies: collecting art, volunteering, traveling, shopping
    favorite drink: one with cold bubbles (diet Pepsi, beer, Perrier)
    favorite food: cheese, pasta, french fries
    favorite tv show: I have watched "Young and the Restless" since before kindergarten. I record it daily!
    odd things about me: accounting's not really my thing, but it affords me my obsessions
    things that scare me: spiders, bad karma
    current obsessions: MJ soft calf classics and (recently)Gryson bags
  8. name:Mandy
    gender: female
    resides: Chicago, IL
    occupation:Corporate Finance - women's apparel retail catalog , CPA
    favorite brand:marc, prada, gucci, Lanvin, so many :p
    hobbies: shopping, watching Hong Kong TV drama, eating junk food, browsing deals online :p
    favorite drink: COKE
    favorite food: junk food, snack, chicken
    favorite tv show: nothing particular, i watch everything
    odd things about me: my mom said there is nothing that i dont buy (born shopaholic)
    things that scares me:any kind of bugs
    current obsessions:a good exotic skin handbag in a good price
  9. name: Amanda
    age: 26
    gender: female
    resides: Texas
    occupation: Training Manager( Financial Services)
    favorite brand: What else? MJ!
    hobbies: shopping, traveling & movies
    favorite drink: diet coke
    favorite food: Cherry Pie
    favorite tv show: The OC before it was cancelled..I know..total guilty pleasure.
    odd things about me: I sing to my dog when no one is around.
    things that scares me: death & career failure
    current obsessions:Quilted Julianne MJ
  10. Great idea!

    Name: Too shy (you can PM me if you want)
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Resides: Arlington, VA
    Occupation: Researcher
    Favorite brand:
    Tough call...I'm really loving Diane von Furstenberg lately - this season alone, I've purchased 5 DVF dresses (gulp), but don't tell my FI
    Hobbies: Reading, watching movies in the theater (I watch at least one every weekend), and tennis
    Favorite drinks: Water and most teas
    Favorite food: Anything tofu!
    Favorite tv shows: I tend to Netflix a lot of shows, but current shows I like include Grey's Anatomy, The Office, So You Think You Can Dance, and shamefully, I admit, I watch Kyle XY (when you watch news channels all day, the LAST thing you want to do is to watch something that requires a lot of thought or conjure the desire to throw your shoe)
    Odd things about me:
    Hmmm...my FI said that I burp really loudly for a person my size (in priviate...I would never do that in public) and I iron and lay out all my outfits for the work week at all once on Sunday (HUGE timesaver)
    Things that scares me: Heights and snakes (to the point that I can't even look at pictures)
    Current obsessions: I am dying to purchase my first Chanel, a baby cabas, but I think I'm almost ready to give up!
  11. name: Angela
    age: 34
    gender: female
    resides: Indiana
    occupation: Mom
    favorite brand: MJ newbie--Be&D--Chloe
    hobbies: walking with the kids
    favorite drink: diet Lipton green tea
    favorite food: homemade garlic focaccia bread
    favorite tv show: Stargate
    odd things about me: I can't pass up a cute color of nailpolish, but I hardly color my nails anymore :girlsigh:
    things that scares me: spiders-- and my sons upcoming surgery next week :blink:
    current obsessions: MJ bags- and getting in shape again.
  12. name: Sheri
    age: 22
    gender: female
    resides: NC
    occupation: SAHM (& and shopaholic :graucho:)
    favorite brand: MJ
    hobbies: spending time with my family and friends, shopping, going to the beach!! :beach:
    favorite drink: coffee and water. OH, can't forget my margaritas :nuts:
    favorite food: just about any pasta
    favorite tv show: Young and the Restless and Desperate Housewives,
    odd things about me: for some reason my mind is blank about this one..I'm sure there's s/t tho..
    things that scares me: GERMS, i have a serious germaphobe! and any kind of bugs esp. spiders!
    current obsessions: bags, shoes, clothes, *buying a new house!!! (hopfully soon)
  13. name: Jen
    age: 26
    gender: female
    occupation: consultant, software company
    favorite brand: Marc Jacobs
    hobbies: Knitting, Spinning, the internet, shopping, watching movies, cooking, travel
    favorite drink: mocha (with espresso, not coffee)
    favorite food: Does chocolate count?
    favorite tv show: I don't watch TV.
    odd things about me: I'm a total geek but I have a passion for girly things.
    things that scares me: Losing my teeth, never reaching my full potential
    current obsessions: This forum, the paris hilton-media lovefest, all things Kiera Knightley, researching my ancestry, tracking down a pair of the Dior Rebelle biker boots I missed out on last year :crybaby:
  14. Fun idea!!

    age: ugh...don't remind me...38:push:
    gender: female
    resides: San Antonio, TX
    occupation: 4th grade teacher
    favorite brand: MJ, LV
    hobbies: this forum, reading, shopping, my dog
    favorite drink: Diet Pepsi
    favorite food: Mexican - especially Chicken Fajitas; ice cream
    favorite tv show: Lost, Ugly Betty, the now defunct Gilmore Girls:sad:
    odd things about me: I watch way too much QVC. I worked there part-time while I was in college and have been a fan ever since. I know all the hosts' names and everything. LOL!
    things that scares me: Cockroaches!
    current obsessions: LV and MJ of course
  15. name:Thithi
    gender: female
    resides: santa monica, ca
    occupation:professional drug dealer
    favorite brand:MJ, Balenciaga
    hobbies: shopping, reading, sewing, dancing to house, traveling and eating
    favorite drink: thai ice tea boba
    favorite food: mexican, vietnamese
    favorite tv show: top chef, grey's anatomy, so you think you can dance, buffy the vampire slayer reruns
    odd things about me:my favorite word is "NO" and I love avocado milkshakes
    things that scares me:being in debt
    current obsessions:selling off my bags to buy the sweet punk sid, and learning to cook mexican food