What is a LIVER SHUNT?

  1. My puppy had a regular blood test done lately they found some weird numbers and he needs to have some tests done. My vet thinks he might have a liver shunt? He is a (so far) 11 month old perfectly healthy-acting male toy poodle, and I was wondering if anyone had had any experience with this. Is it herediterary? My vet told me he will need surgery if it is a liver shunt...is this surgery absolutely necessary?? If it isnt herediteray, is it possible to know what caused it? Thank you so much for your time, Im a little scared by all this and I hope someone has gone through this or has any information :heart:
  2. Anyyyoone? Im soo nervous..
  3. I wish I had some info for you... but I have no idea! Please post when you learn more, and let us know how things are going!
  4. I'm so sorry you have to worry about this! Unfortunately, the only way to correct a porto-systemic shunt is by surgical repair. It's not a routine procedure; usually done by specialists or teaching hospitals. The blood is actually "shunted" around the liver, instead of being filtered. Usually, these little dogs are smaller than normal, and quieter than normal. It is considered hereditary. Please make your vet sit down and explain all this to you-ask for handouts, etc. I'm hoping that your baby dosen't have a shunt! The test is pretty easy, and won't be hard on the dog at all.
  5. A definite way to diagnose liver shunt after a blood test called Bile Acid Test is to do a portal scintigraphy (right lizavet8)? Here is the dianostic information for portal scintigraphy. http://avmi.net/NewFiles/Scintigraphy/Portal.html
    If you ever get to this point, let me know since I know how this procedure goes. I guess CT scan is called for some cases, but most shunt cases are definitely diagnosed with scintigraphy.
  6. They thought my bundles had a liver shunt when he was a puppy bc he had sever hypoglycemia, i think the only way to fix it is by surgery, which is scary. Just make sure you get second opinions and make sure you pup is gettin ghte best care possible (which I am sure you are doing). His bile acids tests were a little off but they said he is ok.
  7. Thanks all for your answers and support. I have gotten a call back from my vet and he is getting a CT scan next week. Wish us luck:heart: