What is A Legacy Flap bag? It looks like an Ali???

  1. I saw a legacy flap bag , did not know what is was..and realized the strap was lighter than an ali bag...Does anyone have this smaller version and like it? Thanks..appreciate your help...
  2. Hi, Lynn! I have a black Legacy Signature Flap and I love it! It's definitely a smaller bag but it holds more than I thought it would. I can get my big Legacy Slim Envelope wallet in it, along with my cell phone and palm pilot and, I can even get my skinny cosmetic case in too but then it looks a little overstuffed. It's a really cute bag!
  3. Thanks for your reply, I really liked the bag alot and it was quite big enough for me..what a happy surprise ot find a thinner strap..The sad parting of my Whiskey shoulder...was too depressing for words...it was all of the hardware..heavy..I like it too and I think I am going to order it. I ordered the french purse legacy wallet, now I am waiting for the PCE event to get that bag possibly. I saw the Mandy in Whiskey yesterday....just drooled and loved the bag...but it is really very large and I do not have enough to put in it and yes, it is very heavy. Appreciate your quick response. Did you get your PCE card. They said they never know until the last 3 days before...I wonder why?
  4. ^The Shoulder Bag is too big and bulky for me so I settled with the Shoulder Zip and Flap bags. I like them both and they suit me well. I tried to love the Shoulder Bag but it just didn't work for me.

    I haven't gotten my PCE card yet and I don't expect to get it until closer to the actual event. As soon as people start getting them there definitely will be a thread posted and you'll also see them all over eBay.
  5. I did the same and also am waiting for my Pce invite. Which color are you going to get in the flap. Cannot decide between whiskey which I have in the zip and the black which is seemingly sold out. Thanks!!! :love:
  6. Actually, I already have the Legacy Flap in black signature. I used it for the first time on Saturday when I went shopping and I love it so much. It's smaller than what I would usually carry but it was perfect! I liked it so much that I am thinking about getting on in khaki/black during the PCE. :yes:
  7. I have the legacy leather flap in dusty rose and love it! Its a smaller bag...but it does fit my legacy stripe french wallet, sliver, and a few other necessities.
    2_1.jpg 2.jpg
  8. I think it is just the right size for me, hope I can get one...Thanks!!!
  9. OOOH I did not think it came in anything but leather and certainly not in brown and black..it is a nice size..better than the hippie pushing my neck at least for me, I find that annoying and pulling that weight down to the hip. But I still like the hippie bag...The real Ali is just too heavy for me and the strap too wide..Thanks enjoy your bag...!!!!!
  10. This is the one I currently have:


    And here is the khaki sig with black trim:


    Mine doesn't have a buckle on the strap, though. I never noticed that before!
  11. I meant the bigger bag, like an Ali but with a smaller strap. It is just the same only smaller. I spent tons at coach this year, but returned some things that were just too heavy and I did not get a card. Getting nervous. Where is it????
  12. Maybe I stated it wrong, this is called the Legacy flap and it is almost the size of the regular leather Ali and comes in all the usual colors. Thanks though...this is very pretty!!!!
  13. The bags we posted are legacy flaps....some are leather and some are signature. The bag you are looking for must be called something different.....
  14. Maybe it it is called the legacy slim flap. It looks exactly like a hippie bag or an Ali but with a smaller size, more narrow and a more narrow strap so it holds much less than the Ali, Thanks. !!!
  15. I called CS and it is #10338 in signature, Khaki/ebony, Khaki/white, and Khaki/gold. They are $358. I am so getting one for me and one for my mom.