What is a great bag to take to Disney World?

  1. Ok all you Disney lovers- I saw all your tickers and now I booked a trip to Disney too! :yahoo: Now I need to find the perfect Coach bag to take with me! Im looking for something small that I can wear across my body (the way a swingpack could be worn). BUT, i dont think the swingpack will work for me because I like to carry a small water bottle with me on hot days. Do you have any suggestions? I can do anything- old or new- I can always check on eBay for a steal! Thanks in advance!! :yes:
  2. honestly, I don't ever take my Coach purses to places like Disney or anywhere that there is high traffic. I worry about crowds and people..I hear horror stories of people 'slicing" a bag open taking out the wallet, and the person with the bag has no idea whats even going on. I don't want anything bad to happen to my bags.
  3. I personally have been to Disney World 8 times and have never had any problems.

    However this is not an excuse to be oblivious to your surroundings. I would personally be more concerned about what type of material my bag was made out of for the random down POURS!!! I would make sure you take something in a treated leather or fabric.

    I would recomend one of the older slim duffles. I love those. I like how you can wear them crossbody, but they are MUCH bigger than the swingpacks.

    If you don't already have one you could probably find one on eBay for a decent price or you could even use one of the newer duffles from last season, which are at the outlets.

    Either way good luck with your hunt, and have FUN on your trip!!!!!! I miss Disney so much!!!!
  4. i'm going to six flags this weekend and bought a swingpack to take with me. i don't want to be worried about it coming off my shoulders on rides or losing stuff. i carry a lot of stuff and when i got it home it barely fit my wallet and cell phone, let alone everything else i want to take, like my camera, etc. so i went on eBay and got me a duffle, it's like a swingpack but bigger and it goes across the body as well. there are a lot of great deals for duffles, just keep a look out. i think that would be your best bet if you want to be hands free. :smile:
  5. well its not always about someone ripping you off..sometimes with the crowds, I have had people spill something , drip something..always by accident. And the place is full of kids. best of luck with whatever you decide to do and have fun at Disney:smile:
  6. Well it just shows that everyone in life takes something different away from every experience, I've never had anyone spill something or get something on me.

    But I would def. say that the park can get "sticky" sometimes with all the kids and people running around trying to eat their Mickey bars before they melt!!! :p

    Have fun, I haven't been to Disney in 2 years and I miss it so much!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks everyone! I had been thinking about the duffel but wasnt sure, and that llbean bag is a good option too! If I do decide on the duffel I would look on ebay- I havent really been following those bags closely- what is a good price for a NWT on ebay? Thanks!
  8. I wouldn't take a Coach bag to Disney. I was just there last month and witnessed a lady catch hers on the Everest Ride and rip the strap off. If you have an older bag to take that you don't mind wear and tear take that one. I actually bought a great Disney bag on Ebags.com it's a baggallini, I forget the style number but its a 1 strap backpack and it has a comfort pad on the strap for your shoulder and is more than roomy plus a holder for a water bottle!!
    good luck finding something!!!

    I wish I could go to Disney again :sad:
  9. well, dont forget, at disney, the a big bag is searched upon entry to each park. a swingpack would get u throguh security quicker. last yr, on our honeymoon, DH brought a backpack, and i carried a small purse. we had a safe in the hotel room and didnt need to carry much w us (u can charge eerything on ur room key). plus, 2 big bags wouldve been cumbersome on all the boats, rides and buses. i agre w pp who said not to bring an expensive bag u love. disney, as clean as it is, can b sweaty, sticky and messy. nothign would ruin a great trip more then erecking a favorite bag (i had bought a cheap bag at jacob to bring). have fun!!!!
  10. I just got back from WDW this past weekend (had a BLAST!) and I carried two different coach bags. They held up very well! I don't have a problem carrying my Coach in WDW...but I would err on the smaller side when choosing a bag to bring. Just cause the "net bags" in some of the rides (ie - Space Mtn, Everest, Thunder Mtn) will not accomodate a large bag.

    My signature stripe camera bag (like my ears? heheh and yes, I have arms...just can't see them in this picture...heheh)


    My hamptons swing pack (a steal off ebay for $30) (this held up REALLY WELL in the rain! sorry I don't have any "action" shots of it down at Disney)


    and in the past, I've used my gallery swing pack


    We also went to Universal and Islands of Adventure last week...I ONLY carried a wristlet then (and put it in my back pocket, looping it through my belt loop)...as it's a PITA to get lockers for rides you can't bring bags onto...the wristlet just made it easier. (and my siggy stripe wristlet got DRENCHED on a ride...and still held up really really well)
  11. I never bring a Coach to an amusement park. Either I or my DH carry a backpack. That wat our hands are free and if we buy anything we can stash it! Have fun at WDW!!
  12. I wouldn't take a Coach bag to an amusement park or anything like that. I took a great crossbody bag to Sea World recently and I'm glad I took one that dried easily since we got absolutely SOAKED on one of the rides!

    You might want to find a great crossbody bag that can hold more, look great, and still hold your stuff. My favorites are haiku bags (www.haikubags.com) and oilily (www.oilily-world.com).

    Good luck!
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  13. It may be too big but I like the REI girly backpacks (they come in different sizes). They're meant to really be nuked and destroyed.

    I like the one that is a single strap which makes it easy to get in and out of the bag...plus you have a little extra room to put smaller purchases in.

    Have fun and stay hydrated!