what is a good thank you gift for your fave SA?

  1. So now that I know my lockit babies are coming, I want to get my fave SA a nice thank you gift for helping DH track down the silver. Can you guys think of anything? Can they accept gifts?
  2. Does your SA like Starbucks or fine chocolates? I'm suret that a gift certificate for Starbucks or his/her favorite restaurant would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Or send her some flowers that makes any one feel special.
  4. i usually bring a nice box of mixed cookies from a fancy patisserie so that she can share w/ everyone. i think anything you get her/them would be great. :smile:
  5. i gave my old SA a can of sakura tea (but it didn't get to her, but that's another story). i'm planning on taking a box of chocolates to my current SA the next time i see her.
  6. Thanks guys-my SA is female, japanese and mid 30's....I love her to death! She is the sweetest.
    I was originally thinking flowers but then I really want to something better. I was thinking of maybe taking her for lunch or drinks or maybe getting her something from Tiffany's. DH said I need to find out if they can even accept any gift like that. I don't know if she likes chocolate. Maybe I will have to call the boutique when she is out and ask one of the other SA's.
  7. It is so great that you have such a wonderful SA. I wish they were all like that.
  8. Me too. Especially 'cuz I went through so many yucky ones before her. There was only 1 time in the last year that she couldn't get something for me that I really wanted which was the gold Kirsten. But wow is she making up for it now!
  9. I do cookies and have also given Gift Cards with a note saying to have lunch on me on her break.

    Do those of you who send flowers send them to the Boutique? Is that okay to do?
  10. ^^ yeah i'd like to know too. i love my SA and would like to do something for her.
  11. LOL, my SA loves Hookah so I bough her a variety of different flavors. For those that don't know, Hookah is flavored tobacco. I also bring chocolates for everyone there.

  12. I like this idea. You can also do pastries instead of cokies too.
  13. Her commission! :supacool:
  14. I usually get my SAs luxury food items, or sometimes for the really good ones actual luxury items. Like an Hermes tie or something since a lot of my SA's are male.