What is a good substitute for the Frye harness boots?

  1. Hi gals,
    i just recently sold my frye harness boots on ebay. I absolutely love the style and how nicely my pants tuck into them but also how great they look with my jeans over them as well. Only problem was there were just too darn heavy. Is there any other brand that you can recommend with the same look and versatility but not the weight? thanks!
  2. Look at my recent thread, Nords has some on sale that were easier for me to wear.
  3. ^^thanks my sweet Swanky!!
  4. :cutesy:
  5. I love the way Frye boots look but they seem uncomfortable?? ARE THEY or are they just heavy or a bit of both?? I will check out the sale!! THANKS SWANKY!! IF i have any questions I am coming to you.:P
  6. ^Hey Minnie (hope you don't mind me putting in my two cents) I have a pair of Frye boots and I just love, love, love them! They fit like a glove, but I can't totally vouch for their comfort - three stars out of five. At least not the one's I have (the veronica slouch boot). But they look damn hawt!
  7. Minnie, my new High heeled lace up Villager's are VERY comfy:yes: the Harness boots are not comfy for me AT ALL and I'm somewhat obsessed w/ them :sad: I want them SOOOO bad.
    They run almost a full size big, so I tried a 1/2 size smaller and literally walked out of them they were so big, but another 1/2 size down and my toes were going numb and my heel still didn't fit tight enough :sad:
    I don't think they atcually fit the majority unfortunately .