What is a good Red Wine for Thanksgiving?

  1. Hi Everyone -

    I was wondering if you can help choose a good inexpensive red wine for Thanksgiving dinner. I will like something not too strong, kinda light, with a fruity flavor and one that does not live you that nasty after flavor and of course not too expensive.

    I was searching online and this one sounded ok, "Beaujolais Nouveau". Has any of you tryed it? If so, is it good?

  2. Last year I went to a Thanksgiving affair and everyone (real foodies and wine afficianados) was indulging the the Beaujolais. But, once I uncorked the Pinot Noir I had brought, everyone was dying to know what it was and where I got it. It was a riot, I was almost embarrased to say that I purchased it for under $8. It was Camelot Pinot Noir. I got it at an upscale grocer, AJ's.

    Any of these will do!
    Value Pinot Noir Recommendations Under $10
  3. Beaujolais Nouveau is fantastic IMO. I'm not a fan of oaky, smoky, peppery wines, so reds are usually not my thing. Beaujolais is very light and fruity compared to other reds, without being sweet. I haven't had it with turkey, but I think it would taste great with the dark meat!
  4. I'm all for a good pinot noir at a bargain, or any of the Australian wines such as a Shiraz/Cabernet combination are great, good value and aren't too overwhelming for turkey.
  5. If you live in Southern California, I would suggest going to Vinatero's in Whittier. It's a little wine shop that does tastings and sells wine. They have BN.

  6. So you do not thing it will taste good with the white meat? Cuz that is all we like!! no dark meat here!!! LOL
  7. Are these too strong? Do they sell them at grocery stores?

  8. I had this one before and I think it was a little too strong for me. But thanks for the link I will def check it out!! :smile:
  9. Yes you can find Australian wines at grocery stores. I find that a Shiraz has a little too much bite for my taste but somehow a shiraz/cab combo is nice. I wouldn't recommend it with a light seafood dish but with a hearty dinner like turkey & all the fixings it's great.
  10. Welllllll, I dunno... Thanksgiving is tough, because you have to try and match ONE wine with a zillion different dishes. Normally I would consider any kind of red a bad match for white meat turkey, BUT with the herb stuffing, green beans and all that more flavorful stuff, I think Beaujolais is a good match. I think if you're going to go with red it's a good one, because it is so different... Sorry if I'm not making any sense, it's late lol!

    I'm going to look for Beaujolais Nouveau tomorrow and if I can't find one I like, I'm going to get a sparkling red (like Red Malvasia), which I think would be better than a Pinot Noir or something of that nature...
  11. My boyfriend is a wine sales rep- he recommends Oregon Pinot Noir- if you can get it, Blackstone or BV are good wallet friendly pinot's
  12. he is a cork dork

  13. So you think a white wine will be better? If so, which one? Sorry I do not know ANYTHING about wines!!! LOL ..... just give me a budlight and Im happy!!!:p

    fashion4forward - where can i find this one?>
  14. What city & state do you live in? My boyfriend says if you are serving turkey- chardonay is best, pinot gris if you want something more crisp- for white wines

    red- Pinot Noir (soft body red wine) that pairs well with turkey
  15. That's awesome! And the perfect way to describe those who I mentioned!