What is a good price of a new Stam on ebay?

  1. I am interested in a MJ's Stam. What would be a good eBay price for a Stam that is new?
  2. depends on the COLOR, SEason, type of stam....when you narrow it down we can tell you more...i was just asking about my black lightly used quilted stam and just bought a topaz for a steal, it's almost impossible to get an AUTHENTIC quilted black stam, even when used for less than 700$ it's really really hard to find, they usually sell for $700 or more because they are so rare even when used.
  3. I am interested in a Stam from the 07 season. It is an elastic quilted Stam that originally sold for $1750.00. What would be a good price in new condition?

  4. There was an elastic quilted plum stam on eBay that just went for $680. starting price was $600. :heart:
  5. windy you should expect to pay 800$ -900$, for the east west stam satchel (which looks like the stam but sold for 1750$)
  6. ^^if it's black it may be more expensive
  7. maybe you are talking about the auction that I won:yahoo:

    i think the starting price was 500, and i surely will post the pictures once i receive it.

  8. Oh was that you? Congrats! I was hoping a TPFer snagged it:heart:. Can't wait to see the pics!