What is a good price for a new Balenciaga City in Forest Green?

  1. Hi Ladies, first time posting on this forum as I usually post on the MJ forum (Ok, feel free to shun me :smile:

    I stumbled across a Balenciaga City in Forest Green (I think that is what it is called...it's a dark green) for $629 CAD...last one. I've always wanted a green bag, but I'm not sure if this is a really good price, or just an 'OK' price. Would love some input!

    Thanks ladies!
  2. Ok, so I did a little more research, and the color is called "sapin"
  3. can you post pictures of it in the authenticate this thread? then we can see for sure if it's authentic (since i don't know what website you "found" it on).

    if it's the real deal, then that is a great price since they are normally 1195!
  4. I am going to move this to shopping :yes:

  5. Hello, no pictures, but it's not from a website, it's from Holt Renfrew (Canada's version of Saks) So it is reputable. I think the SA told me it was about 60% off..not sure if this is standard for B-bags
  6. JHC Squishy!!!! GET THE BAG!!! If it's at Holts...get it immediately!! That's an AMAZING price!! A STUPID price. I don't even like green and I'D buy it at that price. Call in sick and RUN - don't walk - to Holt's and don't let go!!

    PLEASE post pics!! WHAT a deal!!! Congratulations (in advance!!!) :nuts:
  7. wow..i would want to get it if you don't! LOL.