What is a good preloved price for an LV Favorite MM DE? Crease on canvas?


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Mar 27, 2017
Las Vegas, NV
Hello :smile: The Favorite MM is such a hard gem to buy new nowadays so I finally took a chance and bought her preloved on Poshmark. I have no doubt of her authenticity and I think the seller kept her in excellent condition. The canvas and inside is spotless except for minor scratches on the logo, which I excepted.

When it arrived, I was ecstatic. However, after first wear, I noticed a faint horizontal indent on the front flap. It's not visible if you look directly at the bag, but at an angle, you can see an indent in the canvas where the inner-lining is placed. After doing research, I realized that this is a VERY common defect that has been reported by many owners. I couldn't believe I didn't know about this before I had purchased. I don't think it's necessarily caused by the seller because the bag was well kept. However, I've read many mix reviews on why this crease happens and it could be caused by improper storage, or just because the magnet pull is too strong on the front, causing the leather to indent. No matter what, it's still considered LV's flaw/defect.

I really love this bag to the point where I think I can ignore this. Plus, I don't think my crease(s) is as bad as some of the ones I've seen online. However, because of this reason, I've started to think that maybe I might've overpaid for her? :-s With tax, I paid $1,625.20. Yes, it's definitely over the boutique price (Present me hates past me for skipping out on this bag every chance I got) but I've seen some go for over $2k in fair condition, which I think is ridiculous. It's too late for a return, but honestly speaking, I am still happy to have her. I am curious as to how much this bag usually goes for resale and whether or not I overpaid...? :confused1: What do you think? Thanks!





Apr 26, 2019
I have a first run Favorite MM in mono. Mine didn't get a crease until last year, so it took seven years to get a crease. I think it's interesting that some of the newer ones showed a crease much sooner than mine. I contacted LV repairs a month ago and they said the crease is normal wear and tear, so no offer on credit or repair. Other than that crease, my bag is still in very good condition. My SA couldn't believe it was a first run when I brought it in for a leather strap replacement a year ago.

All that aside, if I were to sell my Favorite MM with the new strap, I wouldnt ask for more than $1000. Mine is eight years old now, but aside from the front face plate, there are no scratches anywhere else. There is no tarnishing, pitting, or fading on any metal parts. There are plenty of other people out there who are willing to sell their items at around, or below, the $1000 mark for the same condition as mine. Unfortunately, those items tend to go fast, or people doubt their authenticity when other people are marking it up to $1500-$2000.

Would I pay $1600+ for a pre-loved favorite mm? No. I think it's too expensive. I rarely use mine now because I outgrew it. If you're happy with it though, that's all that matters. I'm currently contemplating on going forward with an intl resale that's a 140% of the original price. I know if I get the item, I won't care how much I overpaid, but I'm debating if it's better for me to wait and see if one pops up in the US.
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Jan 23, 2012
I think this issue with the price is that you'll never recoup close to that on the resale market. If you were happy and planning to keep it forever then the price is justifiable if you really wanted it. The crease is a known issue and the reason why I sold both of mine PM & MM. Luckily I bought them pre-loved so I actually made a good profit selling them.

Like someone else said, don't make yourself crazy about it. If you are unhappy, send pics to FP, Yoogis, Couture USA and other stores to see what offers you get. I think you'd get something around 1k. Another option is to email pics to LV repairs. It's a known issue, so they might allow you to get a store credit and then you can just get something else. Not sure what the last retail price was, but the credit would be that or more.